Sunday, October 30, 2011

ALL NEW!!!!!!!!! COME CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!

 Awww......what is new?  What is mommy talking about?
OHHHHH........CHECK OUT THE SIDE BAR TO THE LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 That's right.......The very first OFFICIAL FUNDRAISER for our next child!!!  YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!
 So be sure to check them both out!!!!  The T-shirts are AMAZING!!  Navy blue, pink, and gray $25/each includes shipping!  All you have to do is press the donate button- give $25/shirt and put in the comment section you color choice and size choice :)  Easy!  :)

ALSO Olive Tree Promise has bead jewelry, t-shirts- SUPERMAN WAS ADOPTED, Africa bags, Christmas ornaments, monogrammed head band or burp cloth, music, and MORE!!!!!  So feel free to go check these items out- AND support our family on our journey to our next child too!!!!!! 
So for some  of you this will just make you laugh and shake your the last couple of weeks since announcing our HUGE NEW JOURNEY  :)  We have had the garage door- sometimes work.....most of the time not, our AC gave out for part of a day- seems to be ok now- praying, lots of sickness, a very unexpected high water bill and electric bill - miscalculations from the previous bill made this one much higher, and our camera mysteriously won't turn in I am going through picture withdraw :(  So for a bit you will have to deal with vacation pictures galore?

Yep......and do you know how we feel about all of this- WE KNOW WE ARE ON GOD'S PATH and the enemy can throw stones or try to make us waiver, but that only makes our resolve STRONGER!!!  Jason and I were talking about it and he just turns to me and says- like having to replace an appliance, or AC, or whatever is going to make a family not do an adoption???

That is my man!!!  Hot and sooooo AMAZING!!!!!!  I LOVE that he doesn't even let anything make him begin to think that maybe we shouldn't do this.  Instead we have been working overtime on how else can we save money?  How can we cut those bills back?  Because really let's face it we all have luxuries that we can do without.  I know we do, and I think we live a pretty simple life.

To those that feel called to PRAY FOR OR DONATE TO our next child.  I can guarantee 100% that God will BLESS YOU!!!  Not because I think I am all powerful, but because this is GOD'S CHILD.  Whenever we give out of obedience to Christ - HE WILL ALWAYS COME THROUGH!

And I can tell you that even though some may say our next child "isn't perfect" according to this world.....they will be PERFECT to US and to HIM which is all that matters.  THANK YOU- just will NEVER BE ENOUGH!!!  But I will promise to post a lot of pictures.......when they arrive and pray that will be a good second. :)


  1. Congratulations on starting another adoption!!!! YAY!!!!!!

  2. I'm thinking I'll hint to my husband I need a tshirt for Christmas!

    Oh how satan attempts to make us short sighted!

    I'm on the sidelines, cheering (and praying) you on to your little one!