Monday, February 1, 2010

Are You Sure God???

As God would plan parents came to visit us the night that we received our official news that our immigration app had been denied. Thank God- because we have no close relatives of any kind. My family lives in Iowa and Jason's lives in England.
So my parents were able to play with the kids....
And played.....
And played some more
And they were well loved on even when we were having trouble just getting up.
It was a true blessing that they could come last Saturday - Tuesday. I only wish we had received happy news, and not sad!
But, we will have to wait to see what God WILL DO! Because He holds the future and not us.
Praising God in advance for future miracles that we believe will be happening!!!!! We know they will happen- why? Because He has NEVER FAILED US! Not that whatever comes will be easy, hey I would settle for sometimes easy really. There you have it though- it will happen because we have seen HIM work in our lives so many times in sooo many ways that for those who don't believe in miracles (you need to read more on our family :).
So in addition to our crazy and very insane house right now. Depression mixed with hope for the future, mixed with fervent prayer, mixed with work, mixed with researching anything to do with immigration law, mixed with shot appointments, dentist appointments, mixed with home schooling, - HEY why not be totally insane and add- POTTY TRAINING????
I mean this little man brings new meaning to cute little boy undies!!!! The crazy part is that the smallest size we could find looks like they are drooping. Of course Jonathan totally cracks me up because he keeps saying they are on backwards- you know because the big pic is on the back. That is what he wants to see, but can't.....he he he. Oh well. He has probably been ready for a while. He already sits on the toilet, but only when we have him do it. We just knew with bringing home another would throw him back in diapers in a heartbeat we waited.

And now- we figure why not? Our brains are melting anyway?

You know we have had a lot of people doubt us lately. Saying some pretty hurtful things like "maybe God is saying 7 is enough". I knew those things would come, but they hurt just the same. They say- well I guess Naomi wasn't meant to be in your family.....or there must be a reason......etc.

Which is well- whatever? You have no idea how many times I really look around and say- aren't we busy enough? Why should we adopt more? I mean can't someone else do something too? Really I do have my hands full- people say it all the time. Maybe we should just quite.

The problem with this thought is the same as our reading today about Moses. (please do not think I am really thinking I am as great as Moses) I do however side with him when he talks to God about his inefficiencies. Like God are you sure I can handle 8 children? Because I have to be honest there are many days I don't feel like it- or want to. I doubt that we will ever get our Favorable Determination Letter (the paper we need from immigration). There are times when people ask me to preach, or speak on adoption, and I say - are you sure. I mean there must be others that are much better than me. I am sure there are mothers of many more than I have that have this down- MUCH BETTER THAN ME!!!!!!

And yet, every time I ask God "Are you sure?" His response is the same to me- I AM. Because of that- I have to respond- I WILL! Not because I think I am superwoman, but because I hear the cry of orphans - over 140 MILLION of them from around the world CRYING OUT! Because I know that yes we can do it- RELYING COMPLETELY ON GOD! Because I LOVE HIM! Because I know in my heart that is what HE has asked of our family. I can't explain it. To some it just seems too crazy. To others they just look at the pain along our journey and say- NO WAY! Yet, like Moses....we have to trust the miracles that have happened along our journey. We have to trust that HE will provide strength, money, and EVERYTHING we NEED to do our jobs as - husband & wife, as parents, and for the ministry entrusted to us.

So we stand with our hands high in praise of our MIGHTY GOD. We lift our voices and sing to the God who created us & our family! We Thank God for another day to live and serve HIM!


  1. Beautiful post.

    I hear the heart of Job...Though He may slay me, still I will trust in Him!!!

    Praying along with you for the 140 million plus orphans who are crying out for a home today!!

  2. I can't believe people would say stuff like that to you - okay, actually I can - some people don't think.

    It is sad that people can judge all the good you are doing. Seriously I sometimes wonder how can you say no when there are so many kids who need homes. If you can make room for one more, there is one less orphan in this world. I just wish immigration would change their mind for you.

    Praying for you and hurting for you. I wish we all lived closer to you so we could gather around you in prayer and be there for your family in this unfair time.

  3. beautiful!!! 8 isn't even enough when there are orphans still left in the world :) Praying your home is filled with 15, 20, 25 kids!! You can handle anything when God is on your side :) Praying for you sweet friend...I remember your emails to me when we lost were so supportive and understanding...Know we're all here for you, kristi

  4. I cant imagine a worse possible outcome in this process than what you have experienced but you are an example of how God provides strength and joy even in the most difficult valleys. I see that you continue to move forward and it helps me to know that if our adoption turns out horribly, God will keep us moving just as He has with you. It gives me courage and faith. Thank you for your example.

  5. what a wonderful post. i'm sorry people don't think before they speak... people can say some very hurtful things. i love how through all this pain, you constantly point to the cross and to Christ. i'm honored to "know" you!

  6. Girl, your attitude just blows me away. That is why I just adore you. No, 7 is NOT enough. God is working- even through the pain and I cannot wait to watch from the sidelines and see what He does with your family. Praying!!!

  7. I guess it's good we only see one little part of God's plan at a time or we might really panic at what he really has planned. I bet it's going to be awesome though.

    Game times is always so much fun with more people.

  8. I love your heart. I appreciate your encouragement. I value your wisdom.

    You are an inspiration to all of us adoptive moms.

    I pray for you daily.


  9. Keep those hands lifted my friend. God will prevail through this...we are praying so hard.

    When I had a miscarriage after announcing our pregnancy to everyone, we got the same comments. "It just wasn't meant to be." That did not help one bit...we still mourned because it was our family member...our child. I can only imagine how bad it hurts. I am so sorry. I offer my continued prayers, my support, and encouragement.

  10. I am so sorry you guys are going through this loss. Still praying!

    I have to comment about the potty training as we are going through the same thing. Nater wants his undies on backwards too. Didn't underwear companies realize kids would want the picture where they can see it?!? :)

    Have a great day!

  11. God sees and He is faithful. I believe that there are tests we go through to see where our hearts are and then God finishes the work He began. And all the pain and joy are worth the journey. I am praying and praising our Daddy along with you and your family.
    Sandy in NC

  12. You are truly amazing! I'm learning a lot from reading your blog. Thank you!

  13. I love this post...I am sorry you are going through this trial and am praying for you all the time. I ask myself the same thing all the time...I feel like he is impressing on me that are adopting is not done and I have lots of things in my mind can we adopt more, I need to be home if that happens, and etc...You are a beautiful servent of our Father and I am so happy you hear him and you obediantly helps me to remember and do what I have in that past and that is to follow God's plan for us as well even when I think it is impossible.

  14. Oh dear friend, I know the pain you speak of all too well. The "well meaning" comments, the waiting, the red tape. I am struggling to find an answer if this falls apart. I am praying that God continues to carry you, and us and the other families that are right now wrestling not with flesh and blood but powers and principalities. Praying for Grace and peace for the Orphans caught in the middle.......

  15. Dawn, your faith inspires me. You continue to praise the Lord. God will honor that. I cannot wait to see what He has in store for you and your family.
    Thank you for encouraging me and so many others through your own pain and tears. You are truly others-focused.

  16. I am so sorry....It know exactly how it feels. And believe it or not it comes from other "missionaries." I guess they expect our ministry/calling to look just like theirs??!! Either way, I have to remind myself that it is NEVER wrong to bring an orphan home. No matter how many it is. When we welcome these children we are welcoming in Jesus. Meditate on that :-) Do not grow weary in doing good (I am reminded myself of this this today as it was all I could do to face the day this morning).

  17. We are praying for a miracle for you too. Don't give up hope. God is bigger than anything this life can bring us!!


    p.s. the undies are stinkin cute :)