Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our Schedule

Play time in our little play toy room....
Abigail doing reading....her BIBLE (that's my baby!).....
Joshua doing leapster games............
Sarah doing Leap Pad books....................
Matthew doing writing time................

I have had lots of people ask me- How do you do it? My answer is always - lots of Prayer & GOD!

But seriously I am a list and schedule person....I have to be!
So this is a typical (he he he) day at the Wright home....

6am- wake up- Jason & I do our devotions & prayer time

6:30ish wake up the kids- do baths, hair, dressed & sometimes even I get to take a shower :)

7:30 Breakfast

8 Devotions led by daddy & praise & worship time too (with daddy on the keyboard)

8:30 quick brush teeth & start school
**School of course is a little crazy with 7 children...and not all of them really doing lots of school time. We do have a 1/2- 1 hr break where we play or most days GET OUTSIDE!!! I believe exercise helps the brain development and without we would not function! We do some group studies with everyone, and some individual, and some 2 by 2. Save that maybe for another post :)

12 kids help get lunch on the table after lunch or at the end mommy reads a book that is a continuing story. At least most of the time. Lately we have been reading about different missionaries - short stories. Which the kids and I are loving.

1 little kids (both Elizabeth & Jonathan take a nap now)
Older kids- Abigail, Andrew, Joshua, Matthew, & Sarah do a quiet time rotation.
Every 1/2 hr they switch. They do QUIET play time in the toy room, leapster games (which are highly monitored and only include a puzzle game, math game, & spelling game), leap pad - which is a reading tool with games on math, etc. as well (and they have a great series on how to help kids read with phonics which we love), writing, & reading.
***This is my limited time to work- which I can do A LOT with no interruptions. I of course have to work evenings sometimes, and days when we are not doing school as well.

3:30 little kids get up & big kids pick up their stuff too
Then on to some play time for everyone. This is where I get a lot of one on one time as well as in the mornings. Reading with them, playing with them, hanging out :) Sometimes we go outside for more outdoor time too- I love the quote kids are great in wide open spaces!

5- pick up toys time, the other kids sometimes watch a video or sometimes we do other things while we wait for dinner too.

5:30ish dinner time

7ish bed time for all except Abigail & Andrew (our rule is when you turn 8 you get to stay up until 8) The day ends with daddy reading to all the kids together and more prayer time.
The older 2 play a game, read, play with a few toys quietly, play with us, etc. Again this is a perfect time to spend with the older 2 alone as well.

So there you have it our schedule....kind of.... he he he. Now although this is we all know in the real world. It doesn't always happen, but we try our best because hey- schedules help security issues, and temperaments as well.

***We are still praying over our paperwork, immigration, and a timely answer. Some days I cry for hours, and some days I am numb, other days I am both......I would love to say I am doing fine, but that would be a lie. I know our GOD is BIGGER than all of this, but my heart still aches. All we can & should do is PRAISE HIM IN THIS STORM! So that is what we need to do. Thanking the Lord that we have a home, food on the table, and a beautiful family. My arms ache to hold our next child, but I know that child is not mine anyway- he/she/they are God's!


  1. Sounds like you have a great schedule down! I've been praying for you and your family and that CIS will approve you and that you will hear soon. I spent my lunch break in the corner of a parking lot praying for you. Hope you hear soon.

  2. Your such an amazing, hard working and loving Mom! I must say... I don't think I could do your schedule!

  3. Fun to hear about your days. We used a similar schedule when our oldest were little. Now with bigs and littles we get things done when we can with school for the littles, at least this year!

    And oh by the way, I can distictly remember when my oldest was 10 and marriage seemed a far off distant thing. She is now 23 and I know you have heard it before, but it does go so fast. Enjoy every moment with your little treasures!!

    Delighting in Him

  4. Dawn, I have been following your blog and I just think you are something special. I am new to adoption and new to the blog world but I am hoping to make lots of friends as we start our journey of our first adoption. Im also in Louisiana, you are the first Ethiopian mommy Ive seen from Louisiana, so I thought that was pretty neat as well. Id love to hear from you if you ever get a chance!

  5. Amazing how much you can get done in one day. Hoping God gives you the desires of your heart.

  6. Great post! I love to get a feel for how you make it all work so well with all your little people. You have such a sweet family, your little one will love it!

  7. saw you on Kisses from Kate...had to stop by, hope to "get to know you"...