Friday, January 29, 2010

Still Praying on Our Island

Please continue to join in prayer over this situation.....
1) Strength for us....we are really struggling
2) For us cis
3) For Naomi as a new family is probably staring at her pics right now?

*There is hope in that we have found out through an immigration lawyer that we traveled to see in New Orleans yesterday, and through some work on our own. There is an additional form we need to fill out. So just praying for everything to go through as soon as possible!


One of the biggest drawbacks to our ministry here is the fact that we live in the middle of what feels like nowhere. We have lived in the country before this, but this is different. I think mainly because the nearest Methodist Church (that is the church that owns the Christian camp we work at) is only 6 miles away, but if we go we double the size of the congregation. So the church we go to is about 45 minutes away.

We love our church. They have a great sunday school, youth programs, contemporary worship, preach the Word, etc. They are welcoming, but- we live a long ways out. Especially for "city" folk who consider driving across town an inconvenience.

That being said....we have lived here 6 years and have yet to find any couple that we truly relate to. People who took the effort (as well as we took that effort too) as well as us to stay in touch and call. Saying that- we did and they had to move soon after we came back from our England trip.

So here we sit on our island. Feeling like the only people who care all live sooo far away! I guess that is why Blogland has felt like a welcome companion. Here I can find people who have adopted, large families, families that love the Lord, and families that home school. I feel more normal among the blog world. I feel like you guys get it. You understand that when we lost our referral of Naomi- that we lost a child. A real human being that had grown into our hearts, our lives, and our minds.

This island is one that is sooo hard to live on. It feels like at times we are the only ones on the planet. Which sometimes is fine because we have a busy life with the ministry and 7 (soon to be 8- praying!!) children to homeschool & raise. There are just so many times- LIKE NOW- that family and close friends would really make a huge difference.

We did have my parents here for a few days, and the young lady who works with us is a blessing as well, but we really crave other families. It is so hard.

Thank you all for praying, and for leaving comments, and your ideas - they are invaluable! We look forward to the day when we can announce our 8th child (hey- someday more than that!), or give you our court date, or our travel dates, and their picture.

Right now just waking up and surviving is pretty hard work.


  1. We are praying for you. It's hard for me to imagine what you must be going through right now, but I know that God understands the pain in a way that none of the rest of us can. May you feel His perfect comfort surrounding you in the days ahead.

  2. new orleans?! I'm here and would love to show you around, or at least give you a place to stop by, share a coke, use the restroom and rest your feet. :)

    please keep me in mind if you have to come back or fly in - I'm 10 min from the airport! haha. I know I sound like a stalker but I knoe exactly what you mean. sometimes its easier to connect wit our blog friends than with those that are right next door.

    just thought I'd offer. so sorry for your pain and please let us know if there is anything I can do... besides pray for you all, of course! :)

  3. We are still praying. The news you found through the lawyer sounds very hopeful. I cannot imagine what you are going through and how hard this is on you, but I pray that God continues to surround you with the peace and comfort that only he can provide.

  4. I can't wait to watch your family grow. Your a beautiful family and what you do is incredible...the camp, homeschool, adoption, large family, etc. Reaching out a big hug in hopes that you feel it! Continuing to pray because I know your heartache will last a long time...still so so sad about Naomi. I'm glad she isn't on the AGCI waiting list or I would break down and cry. I'm still hoping for a miracle for you guys and for her.

  5. Blogging with other believers has been a huge support to me as well. I have made great friendships and had wonderful encouragement from other bloggers who "get it" and understand the ups and downs of our adoption journey. I also think that it helps that we are all one body, in Christ, and serving the fatherless in His name tends to bring us together:)

    I am sending big hugs and encouragement tonight to you both and know that you are not alone in this fight. We are all here for you:)I am praying for your adoption and I hope that soon you have good news to share.

    Isaiah 41:10-14

  6. I know I have said this before but I want to share again that I think and pray for you often. I am so sorry that the details have turned out this way, and I am praying for comfort and peace. I wish I could be right there and let our kids play and visit over a cup of tea. Even though we can't physically be there, we are there in prayer and in spirit. We all love you guys and are so glad we can count you as extended family.



  7. Keep me posted on if you can make Houston the first Friday in Feb! Finny and I will be there - somewhere?! If I hear any set plans I'll e-you. I love you Wrights, hang in there we're all praying!

  8. *trying to get caught up on my blog reading*

    I am SO sorry! This must be agonizing for you. I can't even imagine longing for your child so badly, waiting, and praying for her and then having her taken away from you.
    Please know that you all are in my prayers.

  9. Still praying hard for your family and your latest adoption. I have no doubt that you will be bringing home a new member soon.

    Please put your donate button back on your blog. Your fight will take prayer, time and money.

    Have you looked into getting someone to sponsor your family. I think that immigration will let you do this to help meet some of the financial requirements.

  10. Dawn- my heart breaks for you guys and even more so to hear of your isolation. Adoption can be an isolating experience for anyone, it is so foreign to others ... I am SO thankful for this blog family.

  11. I live in the city and go to a large church--but don't really fit in. No one to just call and vent or talk things out. My support is all online.

    I feel sad that Naomi had a chance at such a good home but others didn't understand that.


    THEY went thru the same fight you're will encourage you to talk to her.

  13. I just noticed you took your donating button off too! YOU WILL get Naomi home! I just know it! I wish I could run over there and give you a big hug!

  14. Hmmm ... an island? We, too, feel like we live on an island ... because we do. :)

    But ... even when we lived right smack in the middle of a "cute, little, Christian town" ... we still felt like we lived on an island. It was VERY difficult to live just 1 block from church, and know that no one in the congregation of 2,000 really cared about you ... really wanted to "live life" with us. So, while we lived on a cute city block, in the middle of a cute little town, surrounded by Christian homeschooling families ... we still lived on an island.

    The most interesting thing about our new island. We haven't met any large families. We haven't met any families that have adopted. There aren't any families on the island that "look like us". But ... we have truly found the LOVE OF CHRIST in our new friends, like we have never seen before. Our closest friends' lives are COMPLETELY different than our lives. Yet ... they love us ... they respect us ... they pray for us ... and they are walking through our CRISIS with us.

    Praying that you will find people nearby (whether or not they attend your church) that will show you the LOVE of Christ, like you've never seen before.

    Of course ... you could always move up to Western Washington and live on an island with this family ... that LOVES you all VERY MUCH and wishes we were closer!!!

    HUGS from the Crazy D. Family!!!

    :) :) :)