Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Not much

I wanted to share with you about what happened.....
Not Much! We went, and we talked to a man through the glass window. We gave him our new evidence, and a file to reopen our case with that new evidence. He basically said we have too many children and not enough income (NOT TRUE!! If he would have actually read the whole thing).

One thing is for sure, either our government wants to portray that we are an unhappy country, or our office is just very hopeless and sad. NOT ONE PERSON smiled or even had ANY HAPPY type gesture the whole time we were there! NOT ONE! Can you imagine that kind of hopelessness. I mean do they do that so others won't want to be a citizen in our great country? (I know there are many deficiencies in our government this is NOT a political post, but I still believe it is the best country.- MY OPINION.)

I really have no idea why they all looked and acted so hopeless. I remember living in Iowa next to a town called Fairfield. There is nothing wrong with the town, but there is a cult there called Maharishi. They have taken over the town, created new schools, and believe that money and yourself is the way to find everlasting peace. It is so sad. Often when we would visit this town to go shopping (it was one of 2 towns that were about 20 miles away- our nearest shopping at our last camp). I remember seeing other people walking around the store with a "hollow look". I can't describe it any better than that, but it made me realize that without the HOPE OF CHRIST- there is NOTHING.

I would say this particular office we visited yesterday needs our prayers not just for our paperwork to be approved, but for the TRUE HOPE OF CHRIST! Join me in praying for them to know CHRIST! To know that there IS SOMETHING THAT CAN BE JOYFUL!

I know some of you may think I am a little nuts. It's all good I am used to that. I sincerely think though that there is some serious lack of HOPE in that office. They may have training on how to look serious, but there is a difference between serious and deeply sad and lost.

I do want to share with you all that as we were sitting in the red and blue chairs in the waiting area of which there had to be around 70 or so.....I was thinking and shared with Jason that there are AT LEAST that many people praying for us RIGHT NOW! That there were probably more, and I was imagining in my mind all of your wonderful faces surrounding us like angels. Filling the room and praying over us and the paperwork. In fact there were so many of you in my mind that you filled the entire 3rd floor, and building. Thank you - because WE NEED ANGELS as we deal with this situation that is not flesh and blood! THANK YOU!!!!!

Although we are hoping for some really great news could be a very long time??? UP to 6 months........Lord give us hope, patience, and strength to get through with the wonderful support of our brothers and sisters in Christ!


  1. i love that you went in there to plead your case and what you walked out with was a burden for the people at that office to need HOPE. That shows your true heart. ANd it's beautiful.

  2. You know, we felt the same way at the USCIS office in Cleveland when we went for our fingerprinting last March. We both made the comment that it must be a requirement for everyone to be very surly in order to work there - and supposedly, the Cleveland office is very "adoption friendly."

    We will continue to pray - for you, for your family, and for the people reviewing your case. I love the way that you share your heart - you make me smile!

  3. You are not nuts. I totally understand what you are saying. They need prayer. When we came back from Ethiopia and went through customs the woman that took our info was the same way.. And mean. She wouldn't stop calling Biruktawit by her middle name of Brandon, and kept calling her a boy even though we told her she's a girl. Biruktawit couldn't understand much of it, but she was scared. Plus it was all here in Portland. I was coming home not only to my country but my own city and they act like I'm doing something wrong.. It's sad the way these people are.

    We did have a great experience with the other customs guy who took our papers after her so there is some hope for decency.

    We'll be praying for the Lord to speak to their hearts.. Hope you hear soon. Praying for a quick miracle!

  4. Your heart is so amazing....I also hope they find that hope and joy in their hearts. They have such important jobs and they need to be warriors for these kids in need....just like you both are. Praying for you guys!

  5. Your spirit of love and compassion for everyone is so encouraging and uplifting. You are an example to so many. The fact that you are always ready to focus on others when you yourself are going through so much pain and struggle - just speaks to the awesomeness of our God.
    Still praying...

  6. Your family is a amazing! Your love for God shines through everything you say!!! It makes me want to be more then i am!!! Thank you for blogging your life! Its a blessing to me!!

  7. Oh, prayer is always there for you and whatever you ask for me to pray for. HOPE is what the Lord gives...Knowing Jesus and the hope and future we have in Him is where it is at....
    Praying for the man in that ofc. that you went to and praying for the Lord to have someone in that office really read your papers.....
    The battle in the heavenlies must be big....But God is BIGGER and He has it under control, even when we can't see it.
    Sandy in NC

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  9. Oh that is so sad- sad that they are missing out on what really matters in this world. Will continue to pray for your sweet family.

  10. We are praying for you guys! We know the joylessness of immigration all too well. I had to visit that office way too many times to fix our problems so that they would finally allow us to bring livi home and she was already legally ours in Ethiopia! I think they finally agreed because I pretty much camped out there and refused to leave until something was done! keep pushing!