Monday, February 22, 2010

Fun children's books

So this last week.....has been.......well......
Like this...
And just in case you can't see it well enough- like this (and if you are feeling sick, just scroll down quickly- sorry my EMT mentality doesn't really mind this stuff).
Jason & I have been working on this puzzle. Note to self if you want free marriage a puzzle together....observe yourself as you do this puzzle together.....and you will learn a lot! Trust me!!
Apart from EVERYONE except me being sick!!! Fevers, cough, nasty throat, diarrhea, aches, chills, you get the pic....not nice.
This is how they were most of the time!!! Since Thursday!
Putting on a smile, but look at Joshua's face- he didn't really hide it.

Why is it that the younger ones- even with a fever run around the house anyway?
Yep, that whole not watching a lot of movies- this week has gone out the window! Oh well. Eating snacks here. This is sooo not our usual, but right now we are still in a bit of survival mode.

So to top off our wonderful week. We woke up to Jonathan's nasty looking lip one morning. He was trying to climb up to Joshua's bed (they all have bunk beds). Fell off of course and almost bit straight through- nasty. He has really taken it pretty well.

Then on Saturday we tried to go on a short walk outside just for some fresh air and Joshua scrapped his toe up pretty bad (he was wearing crocs- well imitations anyway).

So there you have it a week of sickness.......yuckies.........

So just thought of something to share for fun for those of you who have some younger kids who love to read. I love buying great stories that show God to children in a way they can understand. So we buy a lot of books that they love to read over and over. So here are some recommendations:

Clay Pot Parables: Stumpy Stomps Off, Jimmy's Lost Bug, Bodge Plants a Seed- all by Simon Smith. They are cute stories about some field mice replicating the prodigal son, lost sheep, & the farmer plants seeds in the field. They are easily understood and have a recap of the Biblical story that they correlate too in the back of the book.

Another couple of books we love are: Mrs. Twiggenbotham Goes to Town & Mrs. Twiggenbotham Goes to a Party by Emily King. Both stories are about seeing God in everything, and being joyful for what we have. This cute grandma figure loves life, and loves sharing little tidbits of joy with everyone. Of course she can't see worth anything, but that doesn't slow her down. Our kids love the morals in the stories- again really easy to understand, and just fun to read.

On the adoption front....not a lot going on. Waiting to hear back is a slow form of torture really. I don't know if I can wait 6 months just to see if we will be approved??? We may just reapply again....with further documentation & of course another big check. I don't know. We shall see.

On a side note someone mentioned local adoption- yep we can. In fact local agencies (because I have called just to ask) were really stumped that the immigration would not accept our application. So - we don't want to give up on the adoption process that we have spent a lot of time, money, effort, & heart into, but we shall see what God has planned.

In the end- we know that God will bring us a child and it may not be the way we originally wanted, but a child will have a home & that is the real point!!!


  1. I'm surprised that you can be considered for domestic adoption ... Wa. State won't let families adopt if they have 6 or more children under 18. That is why we HAD to do international adoption. Of course ... Wa. State approved the international, when they won't allow domestic? Go figure.

    God will lead you ...

    Laurel & the gang :)

  2. I'l have to check out those books! Thanks!
    I'm so glad your still going forward with your adoption plans. You are a fabulous Mom and have a wonderful family and I think they should let you adopt 10 kids if you want and could afford it!

  3. Thanks for the suggestions on the books!! I love finding great books for my kids!! Jay, one of our foster kids brings books home from the school library that I dont like, and her mm buys her books that we dont like either, but its soooo hard to set boundries in areas like school and with their mom. The other one also gets books from the library at school and wont let me see them. She's 12, so I try to not push to hard... and just pray over it all! But they are reading things like High Musical (in elem. school.. hmm.) and Hannah Montana. Im trying to find books that appeal to them, but that have Godly content! Madi loves to read and she is all about her "Jesus books". She knows not to get other kinds from the school library... she just gets nature or animal books from there.
    Im getting long winded here... sorry! haha!
    Im also glad to hear you guys still have open hearts with this whole thing!! I think its when our hearts are hurting AND open is when God can do the biggest and best stuff!!!
    Still praying for you guys!!

  4. I have been thinking about you so much this week and praying for you all. Every time I read one of your posts, I think, "I wanna meet this lady!!" We also homeschool, don't have a tv, and hubby and I met at a camp:) Thanks for the book recommends. Have you ever read the book, "The Seven Silly Eaters" ? I can't think of who wrote it. It is SUCH a cute is our favorite! I will be praying for you today....may the Lord show you His faithfulness in a special way!

  5. Thanks for your sweet prayer/blog comment.

  6. You have a beautiful family!

    I had tolaugh at your profile - we ge the same question all of the time!

  7. So sorry to see Jonathan's lip. Ouch!

    Still praying for your sweet family!