Thursday, January 21, 2010

Prayers and small updates

Just thought I would throw in some fun pics because I haven't posted many pics lately, and I know you love to see the this is a chalkboard drawing from one of the kids- I just love it because kids' drawings are ALWAYS cute :)
This was from our flight home from England. I don't know why I can't seem to keep my eyes open?? You can tell Jonathan is being a real ham! Love it, and of course Sarah is enjoying a sucker from her snack bag :)
The boys!!! Love them :)
Abigail and Elizabeth. You can tell Elizabeth has got that crazy lively grin, and our little baby- 10 year old!!! Still can't wrap my brain around it. I know I know get over it she is 10, but she is my baby!!!
Random pic from while we were in England. Abigail is the best big sister ever!!!!

So today's reading is from Job. I have to be honest - I read the rest of the story today. I couldn't help it. I need happy endings! Something hit me though as I was reading the droning on of everyone about Job's situation. Those friends who droned on at him......then God spoke to him and that was it. Job really listened!!!! Can I listen like that? Do I? I want to...but have to confess I don't. I find myself being more of the friends who drone on and on.

What would have happened if instead of giving lectures the friends would have gotten on their knees next to Job and pleaded with God on Job's behalf?

When skipping to the end you also get to the last few verses where God restores Job's wealth and gives him 10 new children! I love the more children :) Although, it also hit me that he still lost his other children. I am sure he was grateful to God for more children, but still mourned the children he had lost. Glad that it does end positively, but a reminder that it was not what Job expected.

So......we did get a sort of update about immigration. They are processing our case and we will hopefully have an answer by the end of next week! Although it feels like forever, patience is what is required at this point.

Here are some updates from our agency and others who have been to Hannah's Hope (the place where our baby is living right now):

She has a great personality, she is very playful. She is very interactive with her special mothers.

She has such a great personality and is so loving!! She just adores the other babies. :)

She is so, so sweet. She was shy of us strangers, and cried a little when I talked to her, but calmed right down when her SM picked her up. (I sat on the couch next to her, and she was fine as long as I just looked at her until I talked to her and touched her sweet little foot) She has her photo album you sent her in her crib, and she loves the other babies. She was kissing the one of them!!

PRAYING that we get news soon, and that it will be a GREAT REJOICING!!!


  1. Praying for victory for all of you!!!

    Love the pics

  2. We continue to hold you up in prayer every night! Waiting along with you....

  3. I'm not trying to be rude or ignorant but I just don't understand it from reading through your posts...I am obviously missing SOMETHING.
    WHAT is the problem with the approval?
    Other than it is taking a mini eternity?
    I mean why WOULD they say no?
    I just don't understand!
    Praying that God will move ANY and EVERY mountain in the way of His will being accomplished in your lives and that sweet waiting girl of yours.
    I just don't understand at all.
    Do you live in a tough state maybe???

  4. I am still praying for your family and your final approval.


  5. praying you hear good news soon...Those kiddos of yours are too cute :) kj