Thursday, January 7, 2010

Andrew James Wright- Adoption Day Celebration

So this was our handsome man that came to live with us in January of 2002- now our 8 year old Andrew James Wright!!! We adopted him 7 years ago......(yesterday).
It was a good thing this little man was cute- because after we brought him home from the other foster family he was living with......he had SEVERE colic!!! I mean like crying up to 12 hours of the day/night- of course they all run together when you have a crier like that!!! There were times when Jason would walk in our I would walk in and we did the - I need to SWITCH NOW look on our faces because it was that hard to deal with. There was a lot of rocking going on!!!! A lot of try this- it may work, or read this, or switch his formula to this......- YEAH- NOTHING WORKED!!! Until he magically stopped at 4 months- why?? No idea, but whew.....we were VERY HAPPY!!!
Of course this happy picture came when he was already 7 weeks see his birth mom has a depression disorder and she was "placed" with her grandmother after coming out of the hospital....which meant he was across the state, and although we were supposed to pick him up from the hospital. Well, let's just say a new social worker decided that - she could solve the world's problems and would have him home with his biological mom.....within weeks. No sarcasm there...he he he......

Don't get me wrong we love his birth mom. She really is a great person....who had a hard history herself......and we deeply appreciate all that she has done and forever will!!! It is literally a case that she can not take care of her children...simply put. We still keep contact with her, and she loves getting updates about the children and seeing all of their pics (Andrew, Abigail, & Matthew have the same birth mom).

So anyway, we had to wait 7 MISERABLE WEEKS!!!! OVER CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR'S to get our little gem....until mom moved back to our area. Can you believe this social worker that he had....called and said. "The biological mom is moving back, and so the case is transferring back to your county (in Iowa). So he will be placed with you want me to bring him to you tomorrow or did you want to drive here (a 5-6 hour drive) to pick him up???"

(Sometimes I still think- REALLY ??? Are you joking me??? - of course I didn't say those things). I said something like- we will be leaving in about 15 minutes and call you when we are closer. Hung up the phone, got Abigail up from her nap, grabbed all the little boy things we had shoved in a closet in the basement- because we were soooo depressed looking at them!!!!! Probably grabbed a Mountain Dew and our cell phone, and out the door we went!!!

Abigail was of course Totally Excited when she saw his stuff being pulled out- she said we go get my brother?- YES sweetie- we are going to get your brother!!!! She squealed with delight!!!! Who could blame her?? She couldn't sleep the entire way. When we walked in the room- she walked right over and smiled....and - the big sister in her- instantly knew this was her baby brother.

As we traveled to our hotel for the night.....Abigail sang to him- Jesus Loves Me over and over....and I couldn't stop crying for joy. She showed him some books, and talked with him. I remember his first bath & bottle, and daddy did the first diaper change (this is when we all realized- boy's squirt!!!).

And now......this handsome man looks like........
This!!!! You see those stubborn eyes.....yep, gets that from me! Little man!
He loves reading, cars, army men, etc. He says he wants to be a policeman when he grows up to help others! (I think my mommy heart is proud and scared!!)
But who could resist this????? NOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!
(Yes, those are Christmas decorations.....we still need some cheer in our home while we wait)
Happy Adoption Day - 7 years ago Andrew James Wright! We love you sooo much. We were soooo depressed without you.....yearning for you......and so glad you came to live with us- FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**Still no word yet, and as you can is hard to wait......there is always tomorrow....and we continue to try to cling to hope. Thank you for your loving prayers. Please keep them coming because we are running out of energy, but know we have to. That is a perk of having 7 other children- there is no time to sit and do nothing.......


  1. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this post! This might be one of my favorites. Just love reading your words and you can see how much YOU LOVE and ADORE your children! Praying for Naomi friend!!!

  2. What a handsome young man! Praying for Naomi!

  3. Thanks for sharing all the photos of your beautiful kids! I LOVE that huge grin on little Abigail's face - it's exactly the same this many years later. Happy adoption day, Andrew!

    We are still praying - and we won't stop - no matter what happens next. May God give you strength and courage for each moment.

  4. Special pictures of a special day! Congratulations all!!

    Still praying for a sweet end to this long journey!

  5. What a sweet womderful day! He is such a handsome boy! ;o) Love it. Still praying for a miracle!!

  6. Thank you for your comment on my blog and your excitement for us! I found your blog a long time ago and have followed your story. You are an inspiration to me! I've been praying for this current mess to be worked out soon!!!! God bless you and your family.