Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Agony, but not defeat....

Our hearts cry out....we have cried many rivers worth......we have screamed, shouted, and been angry. There are no words to describe how we feel except PAIN. That does not begin to describe the fact that we have lost 2 precious girls in a year and a half.

The only good part is that our Hannah Grace went to be with the Lord- although that does not take away our pain, we also know she has been healed and is in HIS ARMS.

Our Naomi is not suffering. She doesn't even know how much we have loved her and prayed for her. She is not aware of our deep and agonizing pain. She will soon be referred to another family who will love her deeply, bring her home, and raise this precious gift. BUT we still have lost our baby girl.

You know it seems strange that when hearing that Steven Curtis Chapman lost their little girl I said to myself there is no way I could take that. No way I could imagine losing one of our children. Since then we have lost 2! And although sometimes I feel like I can't breathe, and I feel like my tears could go on forever, and my heart almost feels like it will stop- We will still praise HIM! We still know our God is on the throne! Even when people on this earth are given free will and choose to deny an application for adoption without just reason......that does not mean our God is not real & is not alive. Quite the opposite! It means we have to rely on HIM for every little step, every bit of patience we can muster, every little shallow breath of pain, every little action - eating, making dinner, homeschooling, waking up, brushing your teeth.....ALL of it we depend on God just to get us through the days.

We have consulted with personnel from the Senator's office. We actually consulted with them before the denial even came. We have also contacted an immigration lawyer. We are praying, you all are praying- THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! We are all crying out to God on behalf of our family & on behalf of ORPHANS that deserve a family!!!! Because that IS GOD'S WILL!!!!!! We will continue in whatever way seems best for us to do GOD'S WILL!

If there is anyone out there that has ever been denied, knows of someone else who has, or has any ideas for us - please e-mail us wrightfamilyusa@yahoo.com or find us on Facebook. We want to hear your ideas (we have already been looking into some of the possibilities already stated- Thank YOU). How long did the appeal take? What was it for? How did they prove their point? Anything! Thank you!!!

When you feel like there is nothing you can do to pick yourself up....you have to allow God to do it. My friends there are no words to describe the outpouring of love that we have felt from you The Family Of God online & alive! Your words may not seem like much, but you will NEVER know how much they mean to us, and how much we truly appreciate EVERYTHING! When all you can do is pray- that is when God can step in the most! THANK YOU!


  1. We are still praying and we are thankful that you are feeling His loving comfort surrounding you. We are saddened with you. It speaks volumes of your faith that you are still singing God's praises. Beauty is already coming from this because you are continuing to rely on HIM and point others to Him.
    Please continue to keep us updated. We will continue to pray for your appeal.

  2. I have continued to pray for a miracle - that this would be reversed somehow. Nothing is impossible with our God. Your faith is inspiring. You are bringing glory to God through your pain and that is really what this life is all about. Your reward will be awaiting you in heaven.

  3. Praying with you as you walk though this trial. Your testimony is beautiful--God will be glorified!!

  4. We are grieving and praying with you. We have been so shocked and angered by this news, and we are praying that God will change the hearts of the necessary people. God IS able to bring beauty from the ashes of this situation - your ongoing faith has proved that for so many of us. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you through this horrible time.

    David and Larisa

  5. My heart still aches for what you guys are going thru. It is just not fair and so hard to understand. Still praying for you through this dark road your walking right now.

  6. My heart breaks for you. She is the child of your heart.

  7. We LOVE you all!!!

    Praying for you!!!

    :) :) :)

  8. so definitely praying with you all - and so encouraged by your words of hope and trust. Our God is able - Isaiah 40:31!
    Becca and Eric

  9. More great blessings are still in store for your family and it is amazing to watch you walk in your faith. Keep being you!

  10. I am so sorry to hear your news that your were denied. Have they gave you a reason why? Can you call someone? Is this like a NOID? I just dont understand. It's so unfair. Im so so sorry.

  11. Oh your response is just what God desires. To praise Him no matter what. I am so proud of you. We will continue to pray for you.

    Lots of love sent your way.

    cris peters

  12. Oh Dawn, my heart is breaking with yours. I am so sorry my friend!

    Praise Him in this storm... His glory is shining through. I will be praying!

  13. continuing to pray for your family! I can't imagine your pain. Please continue to keep us updated.
    Love from Kentucky