Thursday, June 23, 2011


 OK so does this look GREAT or what???  This is what Abigail requested for her adoption day- peanut butter brownies with chocolate frosting (all made by my amazing hubby of course and no calories here- he he he he). 
 She loved it!  And I just seriously can't get over how grown up she is.  Praise God for the great works He has done in her life. 
 This is what happens when your youngest keeps getting into the middle of the laundry as the kids are folding....he he he .....they put her in the basket and bring her to you :)
And what do you say to this sweet face?  Awww sweetie come here and give mommy some cuddles please!!!  :)  I mean she is sooo spoiled with love......and that is a great thing!

OK so a HUGE PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The Reeves have clearance!!!!!!!!!!!  The hurdles that started their adoption of the boys.....have been broken down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WAHOOOO JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Isn't HE SOOO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I just can't tell you HOW AMAZING this is.....the hurdles - GONE!!!  Now they just wait for all the paperwork to be shipped back and forth a few times- called the Interstate Compac Agreement.  I KNEW NOTHING about this until our adoption of Joanna, but it is a legality that has to pass from the state where the child/ren lives to your home state etc.  It is so they legally are not smuggling children across state borders.  So be praying with me that the paperwork is super fast.....because the boys know they have a family.......and they want to see them & I KNOW their family CAN NOT WAIT TO BRING THEM HOME!!!!!  :)

OK on the tax refund front!  I have to say yesterday I was not impressed......I had phoned more times than I can remember, and left at least 8 messages with our tax advocate.  Not sure what happened, but TODAY!  Today I was determined to call as many times as it took to get some answers.....and I got them!!!!

Pretty much just after the office opened (pacific time and we live in eastern time).  SOOO here is the scoop for us.  There was some paperwork they wanted- our 8839's for our children from past years that they did not have to hand.  No big deal we can do that!  BUT the HUGE BLESSING IS THIS!!!  We realized when this whole thing with refundable happened that we did not file for Elizabeth.  We typically do the tax in a box- you know the CD thing.  Well that year when we put in our adoption credit- which never made a difference because we never made enough for it to serve a purpose.  They only allowed us to put in 2 children and had in tiny print that if you adopted more than 2 in a file by paper and add an additional page. that never happened.....that was in 2008.  Yeah, so we just thought after we get our tax refund this year we will have to take the time and refile for '08, '09, & '10....yeah we were soo looking forward to that- right?  NOT!  But hey, it was going to be beneficial....but after this whole fiasco.....dread!!!!  Today our tax advocate asked and the IRS agreed to just put it through for us!!!!!!!!!!!  Are you serious!!!!!!!!!!!!

THAT IS SOME SERIOUS THANK YOU JESUS THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NOW- I am still very aware that this is still going to take more time than I want, but at least it will already include Elizabeth, and she said we should hear something by Monday- except she doesn't work Monday so it will be Tuesday.......  BUT we are much CLOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am PRAISING GOD FOR PROVIDING!!!!!!!!!  For giving me hope that the money will help our family!!!!  That my pleas - my desperate times- my battles that are not against flesh and blood- my time of some severe pruning............have a purpose, and our MOUNTAIN MOVING MIRACLE WORKING GOD IS  GIVING us Favor with HIM!!!!  Because although it is ONLY money, we still have to have it to put food on the table.

PRAY for all of you who are still battling for your tax refunds.....PRAYING because it is out of our hands and that is a HARD place to be TRUST ME I KNOW!!!  I thank the Lord that we still live in this great country that has this benefit!  I praise God for our great tax advocate who took extra time with me today and got all my questions and answers - quickly!

Now the other person who deserves some credit is: my husband who has put up with my pruning period which has been hard for him as well.....because today he asked if he could leave early to pick up my pieces of panic at not being able to find the paperwork for Elizabeth which they obviously needed.  I thank God DAILY for giving an amazing man to me to be with forever!  He is my other half- the one I depend on- the one I know will hold it together when I fall apart and the other way around.  It is amazing if you have a husband like this- seriously BLESSED!!!  Thank You Babe for picking me up off the ground and helping me in sooo many ways they are too numerous to count!  I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Awwww.....and for those who are going through serious periods of insanity, of testing, of pruning, of financial issues, job worries, adoption can I pray for you?  This is after all the Body of Christ!  Thank God for HIS UNFAILING LOVE NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!!!  Even when our situations don't change and our mountain ranges are unbearable- GRACE!


  1. Praise God!!!! We had to go back and amend 09 and 10 ... so we are now officially waiting as well... yippee! lol!

  2. I am sooooooooooo excited and relieved for you! :O) And yay for great husbands. ;)

  3. I know you are already praying ... and it means so much to me ... but I had to say in response to this:

    "and for those who are going through serious periods of insanity, of testing, of pruning, of financial issues, job worries, adoption can I pray for you? "


    Insanity? check

    Testing? check and double check

    Pruning? check

    Financial Issues? check and double check

    Job Worries? check and double check

    Adoption Frustration? check and double check

    That about sums up my life right now. I've never had a "breakdown" ... but I feel one coming on.

    Seriously. I read your last paragraph and started crying. Crocodile tears flowing down my cheeks. And ... yea ... I was never a cryer until the past 6 months.

    Part of the tears are thankful tears ... thankful that I have friends like you to pray for me.

    I'll call you soon ... when I stop crying enough to talk.

    :) :) :)

  4. Yay! Rejoicing with you in the Reeve's adoption moving forward and in answers to your taxes!! We too are still waiting and have no idea if they need more or what. Guess we'll know when we know. LOL!

    I second Mama D's comment. I'd be a check for all those you list as well! Prayers appreciated!!!!!
    Much love!

  5. Wonderful news all around, Dawn. Yeah God! Thankful that you see His provision and hand in your life allowing him to mold you for His purpose.

  6. I'm with you on the husband praise...I can't imagine having to live with me some days!! We are asking for prayer for the Korea programs....Korean gov't is making some changes that aren't beneficial for families and children.

  7. So glad for your praise reports!!! and for us?? Oh, you know the adoption prayers we need. But now we are being attacked on all fronts. At. the. same. time. and I feel like I am going nutso!!! Money, stress, and all the worst kid issues cropping up, then misunderstandings in marriage just adding to it all. sigh. oh just jump in anywhere and pray! Thank you!!!

  8. The brownies look awesome! YUM!!!!

    Pruning- yuck... but so needed. Went through that today. Ick.

    Love the pictures!!!! Super sweet pictures!

  9. SO thankful that your tax issues are being resolved. Thankfully right now we are on the upswing. I am definitely grieving my daughters divorce. I just didnt have it on my radar for any of my sweet home schooled children. But the hard things I learned through our adoption and pruning as you call it that went on through that process have changed me. Yes I grieve but I have a hope for tomorrow. She just graduated with a double degree and there are so many options on the horizon. One of which could be working with the orphanage little G was raised in!!! and the comments about the husbands..... well I KNOW I have married one of the best of the best. God as indeed done a beautiful work in him. its all grace my friend..... all grace.

  10. Awesome news! What a great post to remind us that God really is in charge of our little lives down here. I love that our adoption testimony includes the Lord providing through the IRS to complete things for us financially. Poetic justice I guess :)

  11. So happy that there is progress with your refund. We'll be calling the IRS again this afternoon. Tomorrow is the day mentioned in the last letter things should be done but I won't be surprised if it's not complete yet. The review office has had our documents since 4-11 and we sent the documents with our original return last day of February too. We don't qualify for an advocate. I'm trying to figure out how we can proceed with another adoption if we don't have the refund soon. So wisdom for that. Oh speaking of homestudies our one daughter's FBI prints seem to be lost so pray that if we redo them they come back quickly or that the first one shows up. Our last(?) home visit is scheduled for tomorrow too. I've actually had some peace(real grace there) the last few days over everything. Trying to know that the Lord knows if/when the baby will be matched with us and his timing is always best.

  12. YIPPEEE! We are trying to patient wait for matching for another adoption. :)

  13. Wonderful news, Dawn! Praising God with you! He is so faithful!

  14. I'm a check for all the things for prayer except adoption - not adopting *yet*. gotta get married first....

    i need a job, boyfriend is having troubles at work, money isn't tight yet, but it could be shortly (rent is due the first, bills'll be due after that)


  15. What a fancy looking 'cake'! Do you celebrate her adoption day as the day you finalized, or the day she came into your home? For our domestic adoption daughter we celebrate her finalization day since we met her at birth, but for our Ethiopian kids we aren't sure if we will celebrate the day they passed court, or the day they came home.