Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Couponing help 101 pt. 1

If you are wanting to learn more about couponing......here is a 101 lesson......
This is a LINK to TRUE COUPONING a CHRISTIAN BASED teaching and links :)  This is a starting point.  If you have never done couponing before- START HERE!  If you are only cutting - spending lots of hours pouring through adds- DONT!!!!  It is a waste of time- go HERE and read first!!!

I will post more on that later :)

I also wanted to ask for everyone to pray for the Reeves family :)  They have already encountered the "brick walls" of adoption and I ask that we as a family of God come together to PRAY over them, over their children, and over every obstacle- GOD CAN KNOCK IT DOWN!

PRAYING because the 3&4 yr old may have a family as well- BUT again just pray with me!!!!

Just got news yesterday that irs hasn't gotten back to our tax advocate!!!  Yeah....were supposed to have an answer last Friday...... Our advocate said legally she has to give them until Wednesday to respond- then her boss calls them!  PRAYING that soon we will find out - yes we will get our money soon.....or no they need more???  I can't tell you the number this has done on my brain.  Trusting and then taking it back- yep I am trying, but being honest in that I am NOT PERFECT!  Yet again....for those who didn't know- I AM TOTALLY NOT PERFECT!!!!!  The sheer stress is no fun!  PRAYING, PRAYING, PRAYING, PRAYING, reading Scriptures, and keeping up the normal days of our  family, and PRAYING some more!!!!!

Thank you all for your prayers for the precious children, their new families, for everything to go well, and for our family too- THANK YOU is just NOT ENOUGH!!!!!

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