Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Relearning things.....he he he

 Joanna says- what you put me down on the floor?  How dare you.  I am too cute! 
 Oooohhhh I get it you want me to show off my skills - here I go....oops...
 Look at my tongue working...
 Uh oh.......
 Oh here I go watch that tongue.....
 And again with a sock this time.........
 Do you like this random sock I found on the floor- wonder which of my siblings left this here??
 Maybe I should go ask???
 Up close :)
 Ooooo look my phone I knew I left it somewhere....
Now to call daddy at work and tell him mommy has gone crazy with the camera again :)

So I am being real here- yesterday was a hard day for me.  I got caught up in the emotions of our financial situation.  You ask what is that.....well within the next couple of months we need to have a deposit for a home.  Why you ask- just rent long term- yes, but renting a home big enough here- costs at least $600-800 more a month than a house payment!  YIKES!!!  Now Jason's job is great, but not paying that much!!!  On top of which we still have this small loan and are paying on that almost $500 a month.  Yes, yes, wag a finger at me for that.  We normally wouldn't have taken out a loan either, but you know sometimes it is what it is :)

So it just gets to me.....sometimes.  I have called the IRS and they assured me they are taking care of it because of our dire situation.  I am trying really hard to trust- IN GOD not the IRS.  But sometimes it is like my insides are battling each other!!!  A bloggy friend wrote the other day about spiritual battle and it rung in my ears because I know that is what is going on.  I am trusting.....and praying.....and getting in the word- doing battle :) !!!!!!!

OK so something really silly I know.  BUT one thing about being a SAHM that caught me off guard- dinner.  What - why you ask?  Well, let me explain.  In addition to my husband's AMAZING laundry skills- he is an EXCELLENT COOK!!!  As in when he graduated high school (at 16 in England) he went to a technical school for a couple of years- for hotel management & CATERING :)  As in silver spoon, 5 star catering!!!!  YES I AM SPOILED!!!!!!!!!!!  He not only is great at it- HE LOVES IT!!!

Then there is me.  My mom cooked a lot, but out of necessity.  It is probably the one thing she really didn't pass on to me (except baking- that she passed on and I LOVE IT).  But the everyday cooking....not so much.  There is even a really funny family story about how I managed to mess up mac n cheese out of a box.  Now you are thinking- wow that is bad.  YES I KNOW!

I am glad to say that since then I have improved.  But, even when I was single my meals consisted of frozen pizzas, sandwiches, frozen dinners, and lots of salads.  That's it- not exactly impressive.  So over these years Jason has done a majority of the cooking.  And when he cooked at camp- we ate at the dining hall.  So all was well.

Well, let's just say the whole thing snuck up on me- don't know how.  But after Jason accepted his job it HIT ME LIKE A MACK TRUCK!!!  I would be cooking :)  OH DEAR- please protect my family :)  he he he...oh more on that later along with some basic coupon tips :)

Anyone want to guess the square footage of our rental home?  It is small :)  Just for fun :)


  1. Ahh she is so crazy cute!!!

    Prayed for your housing situation. God is going to amaze you!

  2. I, too, have been BATTLING the financial worries today ... also due to the problems with the IRS. I have 2 kids getting married in July ... cannot give them one dime for their weddings ... and don't even have the money to GO to our daughter's wedding in Oregon. Seriously. We don't have the money to stay in a hotel nor rent a house for the week. We may have to drive down for 2 days ... and CAMP. While I love to camp, that was NOT my plan for going to my daughter's wedding. Sooo.... frustrating.

    And, then of course, there is the question of the mother of the groom and mother of the bride dress. Yes. I could wear the same dress. But ... I don't even have the money for 1 nice dress. Ugh!!!

    Sorry for the rant. It's been a TOUGH day.

    Onto the other topic ... I was wondering how cooking dinners was going? Your husband is quite the amazing guy in the kitchen (as is mine). But, I KNOW you can do it! Have you tried crock pot dinners? They are so helpful with a houseful of young ones. We really like the Fix-It and Forget-It cookbooks.

    Love ya. Miss ya. Want to come visit ya. But ... have to wait for the dear tax refund before planning our next road trip.

    :) :) :)

  3. Cooking isn't my thing either. But I am now the crock pot queen! I do not like spending my days in the kitchen. YUCK!

    Praying for the $ piece. In heaven- no bills! Ha! Sometimes being the grown up stinks... especially when it comes to bills.

    Hum.... my guess.... 1100 square foot.

  4. 1300 sq. feet?

    I'm so comforted to know there is someone else out there who is not into cooking. I do so WANT to like it! AND be good at it. I think the only hope for my poor family is that my 9yo daughter really, really wants to cook and bake. I know she will eventually take over the kitchen...if only there were someone around here to teach her!

  5. Hey there! Found your blog via HisHandsHisFeet blog.
    As a single girl, looking to prepare for the future, I appreciate your honesty about being a SAHM. So many books are filled with stories of girls that "ALWAYS WANTED" to be a SAHM (which is great!)...but God's calling doesn't come easy to all of us girls!
    Know how it feels to be in a tight squeeze...our family of 10 kids once spent 3 weeks in an 800 sq. ft. motel room while waiting for house paperwork to go through. Praying for your situation!

  6. Praying you guys get that tax refund soon! I can only imagine how uncomfortable it must be for you guys to be waiting. I also love your honesty about being a SAHM. You are awesome :)

  7. Thank you for your comments. I am definitely going to try the park and zoo visits this summer.

    My husband is also the best cook in our family. I do a lot of crockpot meals because they are easy and tasty. I just add steam veggies or salads as the side at dinner time.


  8. I am just starting to get back in the loop here, so HI! :) I have been right where you are with the finances. I just wrote a blog about one of those moments, actually. You know, in your heart, that God is going to provide, and when he does--it's going to be one of those things where you chide yourself for ever wasting the time worrying over it. But I've been there many times in my life, and am sure I will be there again. I will be praying about this for you!
    Also, I guess 1,200 square feet.
    AND, good luck with the cooking. I used to be terrible. My mom also cooked out of necessity, though she enjoyed baking. But since there were so many kids and we had a small kitchen, she didn't really want us in there. I actually enjoy cooking...I just wish it wasn't necessary every single day. :O)