Friday, June 17, 2011

Beauty From Within....Happy Adoption Day Abigial

 I can't believe that it has already been 9 years ago that we got to testify in court saying YES WE WANT ABIGAIL MARIE WRIGHT as our daughter forever!!!!!  She had been with us transitioning in the first several months, but with us for over a year.  She came to us at 14 months old.  It's like it was yesterday....I remember her beautiful smile that I have been privileged to every day since then. 
 I mean this is her morning face- well she had a few minutes to wipe away the sleep.  She is a bit like mommy- give me a few and I'll be with you :).  But that smile.....she had us hook, line, and sinker from the first time we saw her cute little one year old legs come down the stairs at Bob & Cindy Fluggee's the family that fostered her before she could come to us.  They are an amazing family!!!!!!!!!!!  :)
 Dear Abigail.....God protected you in so many ways.....brought you to us........and we are forever Thankful!!!!  One thing about our Abigail is her heart is soooooo BIG!  She considers it pure joy to read the scriptures, loves praying for other families or children that are in need, and well.....her heart.  Let me explain- most tweens are not like her.  She is respectful, has a mind to follow Christ, and desires to learn more how to do that.  She says wonderful things like "you know mom I am 11 and usually whatever age I am that is how many we have in our family."  Yeah like that :).  When she sees my blogs or pictures of children in need she will ask, listen, and follow through with how they are doing. 
 She may complain about hang nails or a bruise pretty easily, but she doesn't complain about having to share her room with 3 sisters- in fact she welcomes it!  She doesn't complain about not getting everything she wants and has never even thought of giving us a "list" of wants for her birthday or adoption day. 
 You see......she has a heart for HIM!  I praise God DAILY for this.  No...she isn't perfect, but really close ;)  And that is why her beauty is not just on the outside, but GLOWS from within!
 **had to throw this in for fun- helloooooo- Joanna I don't think you are awake yet....he he he he- too funny.
Here we are at the park having a picnic having fun (we got to meet up with another family earlier....and did I take any pictures- of course not- oh well).

*****PLEASE PRAY WITH ME OVER THE REEVES FAMILY!!!!  YOU KNOW THAT ADOPTION IS A SPIRITUAL BATTLE AND THEY ARE FACING IT RIGHT NOW.  THEY ARE THE ONES THAT ARE ADOPTING THE 3, 4, & 5.  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (this link is to their other blog just in case you are wondering it is the same family).


  1. Happy Adoption Day, Abigail! May God continue to bless you always! :)

  2. Happy Adoption Day! Love that sweet smile!

  3. what a beautiful post to her...she's a wonderful young lady of god because she has such a great role model in you.

  4. What an amazing blessing God has given you in your beautiful Abigail! She is a truly lovely young lady.

  5. Aw sweet beautiful girl, happy adoption day! What a blessing you are!
    Much love!

  6. Oh Abigail's handbag is super cute-Where did you get it?
    P.S Happy adoption day!