Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fresh Start

So we found a rental that is literally a couple of blocks from my Aunt's house- Can you say- WAHOOOO!!!!!!

It is a wee bit small....actually a lot smaller than we are used to, but BEING HAPPY we found anything at all :)  PRAISING GOD for Jason's job- which he officially accepted TODAY!  For a townhouse that is wayyy closer to all our family that we officially signed paperwork for TODAY!

I am excited -even though this means we have to move AGAIN (that's 3 times in 2 months) it is for a GREAT REASON!!!!  Just praying for a smooth move.  I will be honest that I am tired....of moving, and part of that is today I had to go to the doctor for an infection.  Which has drained my body of energy.

BUT we know that this is what we are here for- the ministry Jason will be working for, for giving GOD the glory for every miracle that HE GIVES US!  For PRAISING HIM!!!  For a HUGE BLESSING OF FAMILY nearby!!!

So a melt my heart moment today.  Joanna has started this really cute move.  It starts with wanting up on your lap...then of course wiggling.....then putting her head and face directly in front of yours.  Seriously put a huge smile on my face!!  Today though she did that and then gave me a kiss!  Could it get any better???

So tomorrow we will go get Joanna shots (poor sweetie....she will need plenty of kisses after that!).  We will pack as much as possible into our two vehicles.....and move to the area we really wanted to be in all along!  We will probably make at least 2 trips with both vehicles depending on what happens with unloading on the other side.  So if I am quiet it is only because I am going crazy trying to fit something that is 2 feet wide into a tiny little space that is only 1 foot wide :)  he he he.....

Actually did you ever get hooked into tetris?  Well I did!  I never played video games as a child, but in college I loved tetris.  I saw it as a fun "task" to try to fit all those bits in and see the lines disappear.  Well....when we first started packing for our first "big move" we decided it was A LOT like tetris although your stuff doesn't disappear.  :)

Speaking of a FRESH START!!  There is a family that is going into the ministry FULL TIME in Guatemala!!!!  PLEASE READ THIS POST ABOUT THIS AMAZING FAMILY and what they are doing....and pray about supporting them!!!  I know God has called them and it is our duty to support, give, and pray for them!  :)  THANKS!


  1. Yea for a new place ... closer to work ... closer to family!

    Don't know how big your new place is, but when we had 7 children, we lived in a 3 bedroom, 1400 sq. ft. house for 3 years. You can DO IT!

    Yes. I was hooked on tetris when we got our first computer in the 1990's. My Big Kids got mad because I was so good. The computer kept track of the top 10 scores, so their goal was to TRY to get mom bumped off the bottom spot on the list. :) I can totally see how your move would seem like Tetris. Too funny!

    THANKS for supporting my sweet friends the Blocks. I am so excited to see what God is going to do in them and through them as they minister in Guatemala.

    Love you LOTS! We're already talking about our next Road Trip.

    Laurel :)

  2. awwwww... your Joanna moment reminds me of my Will moments I've been having recently. So very sweet :)

    Congrats about the move and the job! yea!
    Here's hoping it's a final move for you!

  3. Such good news! So excited for you all! Praying for your healing and strength as you need it daily! Lots of love!

  4. So happy for you for Jason's new position, for your new place, for its location near to family, for Joanna's melt your heart moment ... :)

  5. Congrats on the position, the new place, the wonderful 'New's!!! :)
    Praying for your latest transition! :)

  6. Hurrah - another big answer to prayer! Hope your move goes smoothly. When accommodations are tight or less than my dream, I tell myself, "we could be camping" and the accommodations suddenly seem deluxe. :)

  7. Oh my! So excited for you. Huge answer to prayer. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!