Monday, May 16, 2011

This is NOT my HOME

 He he can't really tell, but there were some blankets on the floor and Joanna spent a long time just rolling around on them- guess I should have grabbed the video camera instead.  It was cute giggling and all :)
 Here kitty kitty kitty.....good thing our cat is very kid friendly
 We went to the library last Friday- the kids were sooo excited.  We hadn't really gone to the library much before.  It was a little ways away and very small, but now....lots of libraries to chose from and LOOOTTTTSSSSS of books.  It was hard for them just to pick a few each.  But they have been reading them nonstop!  Which I LOVE!!!!  Can't wait for our next trip there.

Today for part of our homeschool we watched the shuttle launch which spurred many questions... :)  LOVE IT!!!!!
 This is what we did Saturday night!  We went to Busch Gardens (because we had a great deal on 2 year tickets :) !!!!!)  and they had Glory in the Gardens.  With Sidewalk Prophets- they were AMAZING!!!!  Loved the hearts for the Lord, the witness, and the great music.  **only down part- the rain....that stopped just about the time this guy stepped on stage afterwards........
 YEP- Micheal W. Smith!!!!  Have seen him before in concert, but LOVE the way he can lead worship!!!! 
 It seriously Blessed my heart!!!!
And our kids hadn't ever been to a concert before and they all loved it too- more once the rain stopped :)

So I have been pondering....trying to really focus on what God has been speaking to me.  If you know me will know that I have a hard time stopping- for more than a few seconds.  It is seriously a challenge....which has benefits too, but not when it comes to listening to God!

Our pastor spoke on Sunday about how you can know it is God speaking and not just the world.  It really struck me as he took us deeper into the Word of God.  Today during my quiet time....I really felt like this struggle with not being settled permanently is ONLY A SITUATION.  NOT my life!!  Not about what God wants from me just circumstances which I have a habit of putting so much importance on.  :(

So I really felt like God was saying remember Dawn THIS IS NOT YOUR HOME!  Not even the house you hope to buy, not your husband - he is mine, not your children- they are mine, not your stuff for sure!  This is all why are you so caught up in the circumstances?  Why are you waiting for the IRS refund like it is your world- I AM YOUR WORLD!!!  I am your stability!!!  Let me be your ROCK!!!  And I have to say it- once again totally Blessed by a God that loves and understands me for who I am.  He doesn't wag His finger at me and say hey you- stupid.  NO....he gently just reminds me of who I am IN HIM!

I pray that you too can rest in the fact that this is only temporary!  That life is short in the light of eternity.  That God longs for you and I to rest at His remember who we are IN HIM.  I pray that for all of you today :)


  1. Sooo needed this we received ANOTHER letter from the IRS, saying it could be 4 more weeks(it's been 7 already!)!! Trusting the Lord with you my friend!:)

  2. I have a list of 108 books I'm trying to read to my twins this summer. Check my blog for it. You've probably already read a bunch.

    We just sent our taxes so haven't heard anything yet.

  3. Good post...much as we could use the refund, I'm trying not to count on getting it anytime soon. We just sent in the requested info...same stuff as I sent in the first time!

  4. I am now singing, "This world is not my home, I'm justa passin' through. My treasured is laid out somewhere beyond the blue." Been singing that a lot lately. Thank you for that WONDERFUL reminder. It got me thinking of one of my favorite all time quotes.
    "You don't have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body." C.S. Lewis

  5. Beautiful post...great reminder! Thanks!

  6. Ah perfect timing for me on this one. Thank you!!

  7. I love reading your blog!! You are such an inspiration to all. Thank you,
    Theresa Buriani
    Mommy of 5
    3 home from Ethiopia in Jan 11

  8. You are so right! Thank you!

  9. God is so faithful isn't He? Thanks for sharing this....a reminder I need about a hundred times a day!! Blessings!

  10. GREAT reminder. Thanks!

    If this is NOT MY HOME, than maybe I should just start hoping that the people down the street who believe that Jesus is coming back on the 21st, might be right. I KNOW they are NOT right ... but I'm just sayin' that I'm about ready to take that trip to heaven and forget about all of this here stress on earth. Just sayin' ...

    We haven't even heard from the IRS about our refund. We just haven't received it.

    LOVE Michael W. Smith in concert. Oh my! We hardly ever go to concerts, but Jim and I went to a concert in July 2009 with Michael W. and Stephen Curtis Chapman ... TOGETHER. It was definitely a WOW!

  11. What a great post.

    I would have loved that concert--even in the rain--a couple of my faves!

    If you do decide to get Disney passes, call me before you buy! We've had them for a few years now and may be able to pass along some useful tips and/or save you some $$.