Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lots of changes!

 So the  pictures from the last post were from this fun birthday party last Saturday!!!  It was at R & R Ranch for our blog friends....now real life friends too- Christina & Damion Boyce...well not them one of their three daughters :) 
 Is this a cute cowgirl or what?  Yeah, this party would have been my dream come true as a child...or maybe adult.  I LOVE HORSES!!!!!!!!!!  Always have!!!!  I missed not having a horse program at our last camp. 
 Here is the youngest sister- she is from the same orphanage as our son Jonathan :)  Isn't she adorable...checking out the goats. 
 Getting in on petting the chickens. 
 Yummy foods our kids LOVED!
 more fun climbing in with the chickens :)
 Awww.....bunnies too!

 And of course friends and family gathered around.
 Look at all the adorable kiddos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Uh oh.....baby sister is trying to steal my show.  Well, she is only 2 and had her birthday a couple of months ago....oh dear the confusion of it all.  Rest assured all was well.  Sibling rivalry.....known all over the world.  Thank you for inviting us we had a blast!!!
Here is Joanna starting to take more steps now- as in 4-10 steps at a time!!!!  How did that happen so fast????  I promise it was just yesterday we brought her home.  Ok my kids would say- moooommmmm no it wasn't right about now.  Because I say things like that all the time.

So lots of changes in the Wright family going on.  Daddy now leaves around 7:50 and gets home around 5:50.  Now for some this is really a short time.....but for us this is a huge change!!!  Not that daddy didn't go off to work when we were in the camping ministry, but it looked different.  Office work was usually done at home, his days were random most of the year 12 hrs today, 5 tomorrow, 16 the next, day off, 9 hrs, and so on....very random!!!  So now he goes to work and comes home at a more predictable time.  Which has plusses , and minuses.

Traveling a half hour to work is new to us too (because we used to live where we worked), but good thing he has a different mindset than me.  I am a racer when I get on the road- oh dear did I just admit that?  It's true :)  Jason is waaaayyy more relaxed about it.

We are back and doing school again- consistently!  With the big move, the scary rental, the nice rental that was too far from Jason's job, and now here.....our life has had way to much packing and unpacking going on.  Thankfully our "big stuff" and things we can do without for a bit are in storage (like winter clothes, clothes sizes we don't need at the moment, all our furniture, etc.)  That is going pretty well....except getting up a bit earlier than normal and the kids are struggling a tad with all that has gone on.

A bonus is that the townhouse complex we are in has a decent pool!!!  YEAH- so that is our recess time/PE time every day :). 

So this sounds really silly to most of you moms out there, but to me it is a huge change!!!!!!!!!  I am getting used to it, but praying that God continues to sustain me.  It is tough having my man gone...as it is for all of us.  I used to be able to drop by the Dining Hall, or go to the office in our home and just chat if I wanted.  We are extremely grateful for his job!  It is a WONDERFUL fit to him, our family, and we know ONLY GOD Had this in our plans!!!!! 

So through all these crazy transitions and changes....we remain thrilled at the fact that God has sustained us.  Provided and continues to grow us for HIS WORKS!!!


  1. My husband went from working five minutes away to 40...totally understand. SOOOO thankful that you guys are starting to get a semblance of normalcy. Ok, I laughed a little bit. What is normal anyway? :)

  2. Joanna looks SO cute and it seems like "yesterday" to me too! I can't think of a better family to handle all of these changes. May God bless all of you in all of this newness. :)

  3. I understand about the adjustment of having your husband farther away since mine used to work at church 2 minutes from our home and came home for lunch. Now he's a half hour away, but still has benefits since it's camp and we're welcome to come hang out there whenever we want. Sometimes I pack up school and we go in with him for the day. Hopefully once you've adjusted to this regular schedule, you'll see lots of benefits of it.

  4. Praying for you all as you deal with the changes! Hope it doesn't take too long to get used to the "new normal", and that you'll feel God's guidance every step of the way! :)

  5. oh no. j has turned into a toddler while we weren't looking!

  6. Love you, Dawn. Life is so full of changes, and every decision seems to have its fair share pluses and challenges. Thanks for sharing your process. :)

    Have a great day!!!!

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  8. Praying for you in this transition time. I know you're looking forward to settling into one place and a routine.

    I am soooooo glad your family was able to come to the party. We had so much fun getting to know you better. You should be proud of how well behaved your children are! They were precious and I loved how they jumped right into the fun. Also love that you caught that bit of sibling rivalry in our girls--(one of A's not-so-well-mannered moments :) with K trying to steal the spotlight. Classic! Damion's grandmother was especially impressed with you and Jason--everytime we get together lately she puts me on the spot by saying "Tell everyone about your friends with the 8 children that came to the party. They were such a sweet couple!" And she still can't wrap her brain around the fact that we met on the internet. So funny.

    I'm so far behind in my blogging--hopefully I'll get a birthday post up this week. And I'll send you copies of some other cute pix we got of your little ones!

    Hope to get together again soon.