Friday, April 29, 2011

God's Miracles

 Once again.....this is why we wanted to be closer to family :)  Nothing to do with the Easter Egg hunt, but to do with fun with family. 
 The boys being silly with the baskets.
 Lining up in age order.....Let the little kids go first and DO NOT run them fact help them please
 Joanna is excited about her extended family- look at this smile :)
 Hunting (Auntie Heidi helping little Jonathan).....
 Happy and skipping........
 Daddy with Joanna and my Aunt Jane aka Mimi with Jessa- oh yeah Joanna and Jessa have a very special relationship already :)
 Uncle Mark being silly.....the kids thought they were done and he said "so you found all the eggs right?  As he tipped over an orange cone with 10 eggs hiding under it."  and walks away :)  Always one big kid our family - several!
 Couldn't decide on a posted a few....Just look at all those cute faces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I mean 16 children....ages 13 and under......who knew they could be this CUTE!

So I want to share a little about how Jason found the job.  Because I believe that God obviously had everything under control :) of course.

So you know that wonderful tax letter we all received (except the 1% of you who already got your refund).  We had to dive through boxes and boxes in our temporary storage with all our furniture and stuff.  That Monday.....after calling some people for receipts like our lawyer and social worker, etc.  We were a little worried about the instant money transfer we did for Joanna's adoption.  How do you prove that?  Well, we called the bank and they didn't quite know what to do......

It is now 4:30pm and we are like- well gotta send what we have I guess.....and we are writing those ss numbers and Jason's name on every page.....getting ready to be at Fed Ex by 5pm to overnight it.  The bank calls and said we figured out a way to get you that proof!  YEAH!!!!!!!  So now we are off to Fed Ex...they are faxing the information and it is DONE- PRAYING!!!!

We had the kids go outside to swim in the pool and they are all having fun...the pool is still a bit cold for this whimp :)  So I think to myself, maybe I should look up some of those ministry job websites and see if there is anything.  

You see since we have been put in a predicament due to the tardiness of payments by the IRS....we thought we better look for a job sooner rather than later.  Otherwise I truly believe I wouldn't have even been seriously looking.  

I am scrolling down and I see Tampa- click- there it was a ministry in need of an administrator.  Read through it.....and it struck Jason and I later this is exactly what we had talked about a few months earlier.  What if there was a way to connect the needs of the community to the churches.  Because we all know that when we are done with that crib there are plenty of others that would be blessed by having it.  And yes, talking around your church is great, but sometimes the need isn't in your own church.  

That is where Meet The Need comes in.  It is software designed to be "behind the scenes" on your church's website to help all the churches in the area meet needs.  So let's just say recently here in Tampa there was something called Feed the Bay.  It is a big food drive to help all the local food banks get enough to help feed people.  Pretty big operation and plenty of churches want to help, but if they did it on their own....not enough.  BUT when the churches pull together as the Body Of Christ should be doing with Meet the Need - they are able to bring in 6 months worth of food at once (and that wasn't even the latest drive)!!!!!  How amazing is that???

So you can sign up on your church's website (you don't even  know it is Meet The Need because they are the background it is THE CHURCH that is doing the work) to help with Feed the Bay, or diaper drive for the local pregnancy crisis center, or a local family in desperate need of a refrigerator.  All these needs are met through the program- easily, everyone can be a part, and sooo many more needs are met because lots of denominations are working together!!!!!!

Can you see the excitement?  This is what we talked about months ago...and yet here it was a job opportunity on the screen.  I said to Jason when he came home from the Fed Ex office- you need to look at this job!  He did...researched the website....applied.  That day he got a call for a phone interview.....yesterday he had a face to face interview.....and now he is a Member Services Coordinator.  Which means he will help pastors and churches put the software to great use.  He may do trainings with new members, answer questions, explain software, etc.  

Another wonderful thing is Meet The Need is GROWING!!!!  The vision the president has is HUGE!!!!  I mean if you thought of a system that helps the church and the community - communicate and get a LOT DONE FOR GOD wouldn't you be sooo excited?  He wants to take this Nationwide and Global!!!!  I think God is going to use this to help the church rise up! 

So due to the lateness of our tax refund...not finding a home yet.....going to run out of money in the next couple of months.....and thinking- we need a job sooner rather than later.  We see the add online.....and now Jason has a ministry job that we are both sooo very excited about and it provides for our family.  BONUS!!!!!!!!!

I am still reeling from the fact that we moved without having a job.  I was seriously thinking we may have to really become super thrifty- which I actually don't mind anyway.  And within a couple of months in a time when the economy isn't that great- GOD PROVIDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is impossible for our God?  NOTHING!!!!!! 

Thank you for all of your prayers is not enough, but we are sooo Thankful for bloggy friends and our family that have really been on your knees on our behalf!  We have felt those prayers and Jason felt total peace in the interview. 

Now for the next step...finding a temporary rental home in Tampa area.  We can't be over an hour away with these gas prices for a few months.  We need a house to stay in....until the tax refund comes- praying praying praying.  We couldn't find one earlier or else we would have already been in this area.  Since it is way closer to family!  So this is not all that easy - considering it is summer time and rentals especially short term in FL are almost all booked.....we know it will take another miracle, but we know OUR GOD IS GREATER!!!


  1. That sounds so exciting! It's so awesome how He provides. WOW!

  2. WOW! Really cool! This sounds like a program that we would be interested in as well. Keep us posted as it branches out!

  3. so happy for Jason and all of you...congrats...can't wait to see where you end up living next :) kj

  4. Congratulations!!! Almost in tears here about how God worked this out (although all of us would like our refunds please Lord) On the thread about the adoption tax credit it seems like some people are getting through the review stage and a few their refunds this week.

  5. Amazing story and what a really cool ministry. I have always said that the church needs to meet the needs together. Can't wait for this thing to really take off!!!

  6. Awesome! I love how faithful our Father is. Thanks for sharing your family's story of stepping out in faith. It's such an encouragement to see how the Lord works :)

  7. Wow, that is just awesome!!

  8. I am so excited for you guys - I was praying that he'd find a job & this one sounds wonderful. I hope your check comes quickly & you can find your new home ( I've been praying for that too :) )
    Have a wonderful day - great to read your update

  9. That is great news!!! Praying for that temp home soon!!!!

  10. Our God is so FAITHFUL and AWESOME!!
    So excited for Jason and what an answer to prayers!!
    Much love!

  11. God is faithful. Thank you for sharing His miracle.