Friday, May 6, 2011

Jonathan's 2nd Adoption Day and Sarah's 7th Birthday!

 2 years ago we officially adopted Jonathan!!!!  Even though his official adoption happened in Ethiopia December 4th we chose to celebrate his U.S. adoption because we got to do this adoption day as a family :)
 Awww....what about this handsome little boy doesn't steal your heart??
 Yeah he says... (It's a board book about Florida- I think it is called Good Night Florida- very cute).
 more presents....
 Then on to an improvised cookie stack personal cake!  With ice cream and whip topping for everyone else (Jonathan doesn't really like ice cream- I think it is the cold.)  He does LOVE m&m's though. 
 Look at him look at daddy his hero :)
 Oh that his hero taking some cream???  What???
 Daaadddyyyy....... you took my cream.
 To our handsome cutie pie boy!  We love you sooo very much!  I need to tell your whole story of how you came to us online some day.  But you are such a sweet miracle boy that was brought to us and we count every day as a treasure!!!  WE LOVE YOU JONATHAN CALEB WRIGHT!
 And just to show this is what happens when you give children cream from the can.  Not that we ever do this or anything.....but if we did this is what it would look like :)
 Hey, Jonathan do you think we need to clean up???  YES MOMMY!!!
 Look at my beautiful 7 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!  How does it happen that I turn my head and you grow up sooo quickly. 
 I can't get enough of your smile you endless hugs, and even your stubbornness :)  (wonder where she gets that from??)
 So yes....we win parents of the year award for Jonathan's Adoption Day and Sarah's Birthday because we were busy packing and moving on those two very special days, but you know family is about making the best of it!  Surviving and thriving even when it isn't always easy.  So for Sarah we did a Cheesecake factory cake from Sam's Club and the kids went wild!!!!!!!!!!!!  We had never eaten at Cheesecake factory until last Thursday when Jason interviewed and got his job :) .  But it was yummy!
 Here is Sarah's piece.....still can't handle that 7 on top of her can it happen. I promise it was just yesterday that we got a call for a little boy almost 3 and a little girl who just turned 1 who needed a home for a while..........3 years later we adopted those cutie pies.  Today marks that time when they have almost been with us (within in a couple weeks) after adoption as before their adoption.  Now to those that are in the adoption world and in the "lingo" of it all.  This is a huge deal!!!  It signifies a stability that they didn't have before the adoption.  It signifies that we are not going anywhere. 
 It may not look like it....and sometimes it doesn't always feel like it, but this beautiful young lady has come A LONG WAY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love you Sarah Joy Wright with all my heart!!!
So glad God chose to give me the Blessings of Jonathan and Sarah!!!!  You show me everyday new joy and love!!!!!!!  Thank you!!!!

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  1. What sweet celebrations!
    Days speed by so quickly- and add up to years!!!! Oh, they grow so fast.