Friday, May 13, 2011

Our New Normal

 This is a drawing on our school board from Joshua.....awww...LOVE my young man :)  So happy that he sees us in this way.   I can't even tell you the joy because of where he came from was so much different.  God has done some really amazing healing in his heart!  I give God ALL THE PRAISE for that!
 Joanna still likes to get into all the know checking out what is in there. 
 YES, it has come to this.  We haven't lived in a 2 story for over 7 years.  At the last rental we kept sticking the toy boxes in front of it to block the stairs, but we decided rather than trip over them constantly and hurt ourselves we should get a gate. 
Jason was being silly and I warned him it was going on the blog- so here is his best "Vanna".

So our new normal has not been a train wreck this week so I say it is a SUCCESS!
6am  Wake up and start getting ready just parents :)
6:30 Wake up kiddos, baths, chores, and we do devotions and prayer time
7 Eat breakfast & family devotions
8 Daddy is out the door and we start school!
10:45 Pool time/ recess :) **a pretty nice pool here in the townhouse complex :)
12 Lunch
1 Quiet time rotation- older kids do writing, educational games on the computer, reading, quiet individual play time, and leapster.  While I get the littles to take a nap, do my personal quiet time, blog, facebook, and sometimes I take a quick nap too :)  BONUS!
3:30 Wake up and well- this time varies a bit, reading together, play time, go to the store, littles time with mommy, etc.
4:45 Mommy works on dinner the kiddos watch a movie or play Wii some help me with dinner :)
5:30ish Daddy is HOME!!!!!!!!!!!  and then we eat.
7 littles go to bed
8 olders go to bed and then mommy and daddy have time to be romantic do state taxes, research how to switch everything over to our new address, get insurances switched over.....and the list is very very very long!!!  BUT we have been able to cross off a few things.
11 usually in bed..sometimes later.

So this schedule pretty much kicked my back side works.  Except the staying up so late.  It is hard for us because we love to chat and we don't have that much time anymore.  We do text, but daddy only reads it at lunch or while getting into the car on the way home.  So that is hard, as well as Joanna EXCEPT last night has gotten up a time or two each night.  Not sure if it teething, new surrounding, mixture???

So today is Friday...and that never used to mean anything to me except - we had retreats coming in, but NOW it is a whole new ball game.  NOW it means WEEKEND with the family!!!!!!!!!!!  Daddy is HOME!!!  And I am very very very excited about that!!!!!

So those are my musings....that I didn't get to post last night because Blogger was having issues.  :)  Have a great weekend everyone!!!!


  1. Hope you have a super-duper weekend together, and I have to say that it sounds like you're adjusting to the new normal pretty well. That's a huge change to get used to, after all!

  2. Love the Vanna pose! Made me smile! And I think that doing state taxes together sounds very romantic (ha!).

    Sounds like everyone is adjusting well. Blessings to you all as you deal with all the changes! :)

  3. I'm glad you're settling in-sort of at least.

    Please send your oldest two to my blog to read a chapter of a book I hope to get published and be entered in a drawing. Send anyone's kids to read it : )

  4. Love the sweet drawing. Awwww.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend together.

  5. I am so glad you got in! Your new normal starts awfully early and goes awfully late my friend. I will be praying for you both.