Monday, May 23, 2011


 Who knows what a consultant is?  Anyone, anyone, anyone???  Oh Joanna in the front row :)  Can you please tell the fine folks reading this post what a consultant is?

Why yes mommy I would be happy to.  You see a consultant is NOT an adoption agency.  They do not do the final paperwork, or any of that stuff.  INSTEAD it is like using LOTS OF AGENCIES at the same time!  It is a BONUS!!!!!  You see adoption consultants (not my mommy specifically, but other consulting agencies just to clarify) get calls from agencies from all over saying we have a child that will been born and no matching family.  Or a lot of times a "stork drop" which is when a baby is born at the last minute and needs a family - TODAY!

So Joanna what happens then?  Well the consultants have families singed up with them (it is usually around $2,000 cost) and they contact the families and let them know when new situations come up and if they want their profiles to be sent to them.

Why would you use a consultant Joanna instead of just going with an agency?  Well mommy because although there are MANY MANY great agencies, sometimes a larger family like ours needs some special help finding that certain someone- in your case mommy- ME!!!!!  Sometimes when you have children having special cases that are often found by consultants can get you matched quicker- MUCH QUICKER whether you have other children or not!  Average wait times for families using a consultant are WAAAYYY SHORTER :) 
Now any other questions out there because I want to tell you all about a special person who helped find me my family.  Her name is Deb O' Kane and she has started a new consulting agency called CREATING CHRISTIAN FAMILIES.  It is great because they are working with foster care systems, regular domestic adoption agencies, and even surrogate mommies to help more people have Christian families found for them!!!!

To check available situations go to
Click on adoption tab
Then click children available for adoption

PLEASE if you sign up tell them my mommy - Dawn Wright sent you because that would make Deb very happy to know!!!!!  ALSO IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS regarding using a consultant let my mommy know because she LOVES questions about adoption....just in case you didn't know already!!!!!

**Also keep up with Creating Christian Families by facebook too!   AND you can sign up on their website to have updates e-mailed or sent to you by text :) 

Have a Happy Day everyone :)  Love to all my adoring fans:  Joanna Faith Wright :)


  1. Remind me when I get back from China to connect with you on this...

  2. UGH, it soooo kills me that we are not ready to go right now and sign up to adopt again. I would love to, but God is making it clear we need to wait. Waiting is soooo hard.

  3. ahhhh, thank you so much for explaining that to me Joanna. Hmm, I may have to email your mommy.

  4. Joanna is such a smart little girl!!!!