Friday, May 20, 2011

Been a bit under the weather...

 What I wouldn't do to make you smile :)  hello bloggy friends this is me....losing my you see it anywhere?  Actually I did it because this may be a Wright household thing, but my kids fight over stickers from fruits.  Is that weird?  Anywho.....I took them all and put them on my face instead for once and they said you have to take a picture to put on blog because you would do that to us.  Fair enough it is true!  :)
 And here she comes sneaking around the bend....
 And she wanted mommy's stickers.....and well, she is too cute to say no to.  But she tried to eat one- this is her putting one in her mouth- don't worry I got it on time!  Whew....
 This is my baby girl making a fashion statement.  Do you like it?
 WHAT!  You don't like it- I'm crushed :(
Oh never mind....this is me belly laughing because really I don't care!!!  :)  He he he- I am the cutest baby girl on the planet why would I worry about fashion?  I have a family, health, and JESUS!!! :)

I am writing to say that this week has been tough.  Last week I thought I had it all under wraps.  Things weren't perfect, but they ticked along.  Welllllll........this week hit me like a ton of bricks!!!!  As in SICK!!!  YUCK!!!  I HATE being sick.  I don't have time to slow down :(  you know how it is.  If you are sick things don't get cleaned right, meals don't end up on the table, the kids run wild, and well......yeah.  Well the kids didn't run wild, but they did watch more movies than normal.  And we did do school, but not as much as normal because I couldn't cope as in:  severe chills think shaking body, fevers every night, headaches in the first 2 days that felt like an elephant sat on my head, and now this whole irritating wheezing, lung congestion thing hanging on just to be irritating.  Have I mentioned I don't like to be sick?

Well, I have to deal with it don't I.  We all do at some point.  When I was younger I got sick a lot.  After having cancer and then a lot of radiation it made my immune system pretty weak.  So I had to miss several weeks of school.  I hated it then too.  First the radiation made me sick then the after effects made me sick.  But you know what happened?  Eventually my immune system rebuilt itself- pretty amazing right?  Because that is how God rolls!  He doesn't just say you are sick- ha ha HE rebuilds us.

This week I had the pleasure of writing a note to hang over Mattie's WallMattie is a baby that our family has been praying for - for quite a while- before he was even born :).  I chose the verses from Zephaniah3:14-17
 14 Sing, Daughter Zion;
   shout aloud, Israel!
Be glad and rejoice with all your heart,
   Daughter Jerusalem!
15 The LORD has taken away your punishment,
   he has turned back your enemy.
The LORD, the King of Israel, is with you;
   never again will you fear any harm.
16 On that day
   they will say to Jerusalem,
“Do not fear, Zion;
   do not let your hands hang limp.
17 The LORD your God is with you,
   the Mighty Warrior who saves.
He will take great delight in you;
   in his love he will no longer rebuke you,
   but will rejoice over you with singing.”

Now I pray you will pray with me for Mattie for his upcoming heart surgery, but I also want you to look at these verses and see how you too can sit at your Father's feet, rejoice with all your heart, God has taken your punishment.  God is with you will never again fear harm.  The Lord God is with you the MIGHTY WARRIOR who SAVES!!!  He will take GREAT DELIGHT IN YOU!!!!!!!!  In HIS love HE will no longer rebuke you but will REJOICE OVER YOU WITH SINGING!!!!!!!!!

Do you see it?  Do you see what God is saying here for you?  He is saying come to me, take rest.  Do not be afraid- don't let your head hang low.  Yes.....sicknesses, not enough money, loss, hurts so deep and painful can take over your hand those over!  Because I not only want to give you rest, but I want you to know I am that knight in shining armor for YOU!  I will not wag my finger at you, but instead I will sing and rejoice over YOU!!!!!  What a wonderful thought.....a loving savior who sings over us and rejoices because of me?  Seems to good to be true doesn't it?  But it ISN'T!!!!

I pray you hear God's Word to you.  That you know HIS touch in your life.  Because I know I have Needed it this last week just to get through the minutes.....

***Also I have a couple of families that I follow for totally different reasons just need to be lifted up in prayer!!!!  Please join me.  Thanks :)

****And rejoicing with This Family as they added a little one to their family this week :)  CONGRATULATIONS!


  1. I am happy to hear that you are better--even in your sickness you are an that!!

  2. still praying about your tax return. Hoping youe gotten it and I havent seen the post, or that its on its way. Weve had the same sickness here, Grace didnt act as sickly as I felt. I am amazed at what a trooper she is. prayers.

  3. Prayers for health and big smooches to that sweet little girl!!
    Much love!

  4. Praying for your strength and that you feel better soon! I love the pictures.

  5. Hi Dawn,
    Thank you for this post! Last night while doing dishes I was just plain mad about some things. Mike welcomed us to the table and asked us to open up to Matthew 11:25-30 and the kids all started laughing as we read it (and I kind of hung my head in shame because I had chosen to stew all day instead of going to Jesus to find rest)...even though it was just the next text for us to read in devotions in the providence of God, the kids thought it was funny that it was so appropriate "for mommy." God is so gracious! Gracious to bring us to that text and to show me my own the time devotions were over I'd been washed clean! So, your post was totally appropriate for me to read today - thanks for writing it. We too, btw, are praying for Mattie...and the whole family.

  6. Wow it is so amazing to think that God would sing over us!!! I hope you are feeling better praying for you to get all caught up and at 100% again. You have had so much going on lately! Also curious if your move puts u a little further out we will be in Clermont not kissimee like I thought. We will be there next week. We are all soooo excited! Has it been crazy hot?