Friday, April 8, 2011

My Grandma's 90th Birthday (April 6th)!!!!

 SURPRISE!!!!!!  We all invaded you on your special day.  She had no idea we were all going to be there for the fun :)  How could we miss that?
 We had them set up some tables for us in a courtyard.  When my aunt told the nursing home there would be A LOT of kiddos....she wasn't joking :)
 My cousin Heidi getting some Joanna love.
 Joanna having a deep and meaningful thought- like wow I hope I live to be 90 and have this many family members to help me celebrate!
 Tada- cake!  Of course......
 Matched her outfit- Yeah we planned that- right aunt Jane?
 And the cakes sparkle candles were AWESOME!!!  They were like the sparklers that kids have on the 4th of July....although we did worry for a bit that they make set everything on fire. 
 Jessa- the youngest great grandchild who officially turned 6 months today....says Happy Birthday GG!!
 Does this wonderful young lady look 90???  LOVE YOU GG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I could never thank you enough for all the prayers you have said for me, my family, for raising my mom, and for your ministries that you have done throughout your life.  Being the oldest of the girls in a family with 12 children.  (See we have a ways to be the biggest "family" in our family tree and you never know we might catch up). 
 Elizabeth giving some Birthday hugs.....
 We got her a blinking butterfly crown, Dove promises chocolates - of course because WHY NOT!, and a blinking pin that said Birthday Girl.  Some of the kids made cards as well.
 Look at these two handsome boys!!!  Jonathan is 4 months older than his cousin....and yet a LITTLE bit taller.  He he he.... we were laughing at how Jonathan is so tall :)  Oh dear.....this mommy is going to have some seriously tall children that are all going to look down on me. 
 My cousin Ryan easily put Jessa to sleep and she was comfortable hanging out with uncle :)  Awwww.......
 Very cute.....
 Don't you just want to eat her up??
 And this one.....
 And this made me chuckle because she loved carrying the baby on her back and walking around.  Too adorable!!!!
 Awww.....this is why we moved......
 Seeing more of this.......
 And this- he he he.... look he is sharing.  Too CUTE!!!
 So my hubby had a Brilliant idea of a pinata.  I mean you only turn 90 ONCE!!!!!  So why not?  GG gave it a good whack!!!
 Then we went from youngest to oldest----- of course Jessa and Joanna couldn't quite hold the stick....
 But they all gave it a try!
 They all did really well...
 The cutest was the cheering section yelling the name of whoever was "at bat" next.  So cute to see them cheering each other on!
 Watch out she has real swing!
 Sarah mean's buisiness!!!
Who's child is this- oh yeah- mine.  Well if you scroll down to the bottom you will see why they say like father like son!!!
 We're getting closer....
 Just a
 few more good hits......
 Here it is....all over!!!
 And the children ran to get the candy :)
 GG LOVED having us all there!!!! 
 Don't worry- they all split it up, organized it and shared equally.  They even saved some for the cousin who couldn't be there because she was testing in school.  Isn't that sweet?  Awww........
And well....what is there to say about this picture?  My hubby is well.....FUN!!!!  And definitely like father like son.

So some fun things about my grandma- She had 3 children, she has 8 grandchildren, and 21 great grandchildren (with one on the way- my younger brother Scott & Amy are expecting :)!!!!).  She spent  most of her life in ministry with the Salvation Army.  There was 12 brothers and sisters in her family and she was the oldest girl.  I would say that is a life that has been lived WELL for the Lord!!!!  LOVE YOU GG!!!

Pray that you have MANY MORE!!!!!!!  LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Funny note when we sang Happy Birthday Song....and you know the additional ending of And many more until you are 104....we all just looked at each other saying....well GG you aren't that far away.


  1. Wow, she looks awesome for 90! And what a legacy she has!!!

  2. How FUN!! It is such a blessing to be so close to family, I'm so glad to see you guys enjoying it! :)

  3. I'm so glad you get to be there and celebrate with her. We have 2 grandparents over 90 - and each birthday is such a gift! Every day a treasure.

  4. 90 years young! She looks great! And what a par-ty. Nothing better to have those you love gathered.

  5. Happy Birthday to your GG. :) Great pics.

  6. Happy 90th Birthday Grandma!!

    How blessed you are to have her in your life!! She is looking great and still has her sense of humor!!

    I feel like I have missed out on the last 2 months- looking forward to catching up!!

  7. Your Grandma is BEAUTIFUL!!! Tell her Happy Birthday!!!