Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Cost!

 So not last week, but the week before we went to Bush Gardens with my cousin Heidi & her daughter Makenna.  It was is the evidence :)

 Awww....look at these gorgeous kids!!!!!  Waiting so patiently :)
 Hanging out waiting for lunch. 
 Joanna has something to say about it- she loves hanging out with the family :)
 Matthew trying to console Joanna because she said she was hungry - NOW! 
 Riding the water ride....who is that in the poncho you ask?  Heidi & Makenna....he he he- you mean you don't want to get wet?
He he he he.....

So a couple of weeks ago we went to a church for the first time.  We really enjoyed the service and the sermon.  One thing that I am still digesting was a story the pastor told.  He said.... shouldn't it be a rule that if you are on your way to Disney World that your children should be angelic for at least that day?  But no...on the way there erupts an argument.  WHY?  I mean really.  When you have worked hard, planned, and forked out the dough- why don't they appreciate it?

The Answer:  Because they don't understand THE COST IT TOOK TO GET YOU THERE!

Just like ourselves.  We sometimes forget THE COST that was paid for us on the cross.  We walk around defeated, worried, and scared like our lives are falling a part because we forget THE COST!  We forget what was PAID ON OUR BEHALF!  We forget that CHRIST PAID THE DEBT that WE OWED.  We GET TO GO TO HEAVEN someday because HE PAID for our sins, our worries, the many times we doubt HIM, the times we spit in HIS face, the times we HATE each other and argue.

We argue in "the car" on the way to Heaven because we forget that there was a HUGE PRICE PAID FOR US TO GO THERE.

If you don't know that cost.  If you don't know the price that was paid for your sins....if you have been walking around defeated by the world.  STOP and think today about the price....let that sink into your brain a moment.  In fact let it sink into who you are.  Where you are......let it open your mind to HIM.  If you don't know what I am talking about please take the time to e-mail me.  I would love to have an e-mail conversation or a phone conversation.  I want you to hear about what Jesus did for you.....because HIS LOVE is SOOO HUGE  it is better than all the theme parks, Dairy Queen blizzards, and chocolate bliss that you could ever consume.

Remember THE COST!


  1. I'm remembering the cost with you today. So thankful for the Cross.

    Love in Jesus,

  2. oh, so perfect to hear this today. Remembering the cost.

  3. Just what I needed today. I was throwing a fit in the backseat :) Thanks for the post.

  4. I am just now getting around to blog reading :) I'm so glad you all are moved into a better neighborhood and out of that messy situation! Busch Gardens is pretty much my favorite theme park ever! Oh, btw, we ended up going to NC this past trip, but we will still be making a trip down there this year!

  5. My mantra for today....... I have all the grace and mercy I need for today. ;)

  6. Oh those pictures...ADORABLE!!!!!!

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  7. Amen! We attended an Easter Musical this weekend and it hit me on such a deeper level of Christ's sacrifice for me. I think I was in tears 3/4 of play! LOL! Such a great reminder of His love for me and how I too, need to share His love without holding back especially to my hard to parent children!
    Great pics, great fun!
    Much love!