Wednesday, April 27, 2011


 This is how transition affects Joanna....she says- What transition?  :)  I think it is good to have babes during transition because they are so care free with the "stuff".  As long as they are fed, loved, and changed they are good. 
 In fact she loves the boxes hanging around.  They are fun to play in. 
 So...since we are close by we went to Downtown Disney last week, hey it's free.  The highlight- Lego store!!!  Our kids loved it and there were all of these lego built life size things around.....
 Like this one in the water....
 They had lots of little places for kids to have some fun too and our kids always love to play with Legos. 
 I can't imagine building all of this?
 Is this cute?  It is supposed to be tourists......  Actually later this year, I think in the fall, Legoland which is not far away will be built. 
 Here is the Tower Bridge from London which we have stood on and walked on many times :)
Here we are hanging out with Buzz and Woody.

So this whole thing has been going pretty well.  Trying to see all the positives.  One being this interview tomorrow (Thursday- 11AM All Prayers Appreciated :) !!!!!!   Really excited about this opportunity!!!!

Of course if Jason gets the job then there is another short term move in our future because we can't handle the long commute for months??  Or however long it will take with the refund.  BUT hey, we are experts at moving now, right???  Of course the possibility right now of a house there - it is much we will be a bit squished, but we will have a job and be together.

So...praying for tomorrow and thinking about what that do we move with Jason gone all day- very carefully.  Our lives are upside down, but really aren't they all the time?  I mean hey why not throw in some extra fun :)  More pictures of our Easter with family which was AWESOME to come.........

Thank you all for your support and prayers.....really wonderful knowing we have people who are rooting for us and praying knowing God's Plans are WONDERFUL.


  1. Praying about the interview - that God will lead you all SO clearly - that He will work out all of the details - that He will give you His peace through all of the changes. Keep us all posted!

  2. Praying for the interview and any new transitions to be made!:)

  3. I'm so blessed to be prayer partners with you. I'm praying for the interview tomorrow and for the Lord to continue to unfold blessings during this time of newness.

    Much love!

  4. praying for the interview to go GREAT!! keep us posted, kj

  5. I love the name of your blog! We only have 5 kids and we get this ALL the time. We live in China where the one child policy makes us stand out even more. I just found your blog, but can't wait to read up on you guys!

  6. praying.praying.praying all goes well with the interview!

  7. Praying for good news today!

  8. Excited about the plans God has for you!!

  9. I love Downtown Disney! It has been awhile since I've been there......

    Hope all goes well with the interview, and that you all feel God's peace, strength and direction in your lives! :)

  10. Been praying! Hope it went well!