Monday, May 3, 2010


Today is a new day........
God has given us all breath, and a new start....
Given us cute things to look at......... (I am sure you have at least something cute- a dog, cat, husband, wife, child, pictures)
And even though your laundry may look like this (yes my husband was trying to break some crazy record of laundry stacked up to the ceiling)!!!!! You have to remember what is the MOST IMPORTANT! So what is the most important?
Is it- work, finances, ministry, reading the Bible, your husband or wife, your children, taking time to relax, enjoying blogging, taking a walk, prayer, cleaning, reorganizing, teaching, and the list could go on and on and on......

So I would encourage you today to really sit down- write out your priorities & stick them somewhere you can see them! You see......I know I am busy. I get caught up a lot in what is happening right now. I have felt attacks from the enemy. I have felt the stinging words of hate & hurt. I know that my time with God is what I need. I know ALL of my children need me. I know I NEED to be a loving and caring wife. I know that my job demands a lot of my time and energy. BUT WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT & How can I get it all done??????

So have your written out those priorities yet? I am serious get a notecard, post it note, piece of scrap paper, whatever you want & write them down. It won't actually take that long because deep inside we know what they are.....

OK NOW post it clearly where you can see it!

Now look at your schedule today & start living it! I am sooo preaching to myself case you couldn't tell. Sometimes I sooo want to do something, but it just escapes me. I let myself drift instead of getting a hold of God's purpose for me.

Here is where it also hurts! GULP!!!!! Not only do I have to schedule my time according to what is most important, but I have to spend my money on it too. OH YEAH! What does your bank account, credit card, cash flow say about you? Does it tell everyone what is most valuable to you? Oh....I want it too, but sometimes.....I fall really short. Sometimes life just happens or at least that is what I tell myself.

I want to encourage all of you today to say- THIS IS A NEW DAY!!!! I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO GIVES ME STRENGTH! I WANT to do the things that are REALLY the most important. I WILL put my priorities straight.

Now that you have talked yourself into need to keep going with it. Make sure that you are REALLY following it! Don't stress- you will make mistakes, and SO WILL I! But I wanted to encourage you today to step it up! KNOW that YOU CAN & God will be there to guide you, and uplift you as well. Praying for you all!!!!!!!

Just so you know my personal priorities.....
1) Time with God- reading scripture, praying, praising, & getting to know my ABBA!
2) Being a TRUE support & loving my husband (have been falling pretty short in this area recently- hurts, but it is truth- sorry Jason)
3) Being a MOMMY- one that loves, corrects, teaches, encourages, & strengthens my arrows so that they may change the world (a little snip it from a book...that you will hear about more from me soon)
4) Ministry - happens to be our job as well. Some would say this is more important than the first priority or at least equal, but you can't have effective ministry UNLESS you are in the WORD of God, unless you are being a loving wife, a good mommy, etc. My ministry outside my home has to come after my ministry inside the home. Because I can't preach what I am not practicing. OUCH!!! That is harsh and hurts sometimes. Yes I know it is God's work and not my own. I will never be perfect, but we are talking about priorities and this is where it is for me. I want to be the best example I can be- not perfect, but forgiven. One that is honest & keeps trying :)

If you want to share your priorities - great!!! If not....please make sure you seek God and start today following your real priorities!!!!!


  1. Thank you for your post and for sharing the serious cuteness of your daughter :)

  2. Wow, something to think about. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Great thoughts! I think you were preaching at me. :) I'm in quite a funk ... and don't know how to move forward. Just pretty much making it through each day right now ... no goals, no passions ... just hangin' on.

  4. Thank you for sharing follow through!

  5. I have recently chosen to make that time with God happen regularly again....of course, immediately baby stopped sleeping well! But this mommy is much more relaxed when I willingly get up and spend time with my/our! Father before my day goes crazy. Thanks for your post. It encourages me to keep that focus despite my (sometimes desperate!) need for sleep.

  6. What adorable pics of Joanna! She is so cute! One look at her and priorities become very clear. She/ they are way up there n the list and that incredible God of our is #1- he makes it all happen- thank you Jesus!

    Your post is a good reminder to me- I need to spend more time in his word!

    Blessings to you!