Monday, May 17, 2010

Joanna has taken over the blog- beware :)

All right....I have taken over this blog because I wanted to tell you all a few things about life here in the Wright Home :) So check out my cute pics & enjoy! First off we have me chillin' you know with my nano IPOD.......
Then we have me getting ready to go help daddy in the camp kitchen.
OK so a shout out to all in my family from right here in the good ol' US of A!
And of course a shout out to my daddy who talks funny because he is from the UK- love you daddy. And all the people at church love hearing you read scripture so it must be cool to talk like you do.
And of course a shout out to my big brother from Ethiopia. He is so cute- but of course NOT as cute as I am- right?
So let's break it down. I have a lot of people ask- How's it going? It's going great! I have 9 other people to love on me all the time. I get picked up whenever I want. I get hugs - at least a million a day & kisses too! I love to eat- mommy tells me I am growing way too much, but hey- a lady has to grow up if she wants to do all those fun things I see my siblings doing.
I am thinking that staying awake all night - well isn't as great as I once thought it was. Mommy & Daddy make better play mates when they have had at least a few hours sleep. So I am thinking this whole sleeping more at night is a good idea.
Yep, this is the life. Daddy is talking about me on the phone to grandma & grandpa from England. I am loved all over the world. Notice the whole hold my burb cloth in his arm technique?
Yep- this is the life for me- looking cute and adorable.
I mean- I am soo cute! Awwwwww..........this is what it means to be made in God's image - right?
OK so here is my photo shoot with some of mommy's clothes from when she was younger. Thought I would give them a try- to see if I look even better than she did. Notice the milk coming out of the corner of my mouth.....I am one satisfied baby :)
We have this cute kitty number going on......
Here I am telling mom- what is this? Really you used to wear this? We have to talk!
This is me posing- very adorable- I know.
Not really getting into this outfit much, but the shoes are cute.
How many times should you have your picture taken in one day? I mean can that flashy thing hurt you in some way. I don't want to ruin my delicate skin.
Like this one because my toes are free. I am living in Louisiana you know!
This dress is cute.
Comfy sleepwear is fun to model
Proves my cuteness factor!
Awww....daddy come on- put me back on your shoulder where I belong.
Yes, my favorite milk time with Lipids and ARA and DHA (whatever that is). I don't really care, but it has this yummy flavor that I just love. To all the babes out there you should try it. I recommend it- give it 5 snaps up baby!
Here is Sarah feeding me. I love my little cuddle U- cute fashionable & comfortable.
I love having not only mommy & daddy, but 7 others who take care of my every whim! Who says those that have more children don't have enough time to spend with the new baby. I think I must be one of the most spoiled babies in the world.
Chillin' with my mama
Love the shoulder look.
Cuddled in a ball position is sooooo comfy.
Being next to daddy- priceless!
And for my final 2 poses.....what do you think of this hat? Too big? Cute enough? Does it scream out- I am the best baby ever?
Yeah, just had to pose a little more. This modeling is tough work. So glad to know that all of my fans out there will be checking out my latest work.

A few more things about me: My hair is like soft curly silk, my skin is smooth and dreamy, I smell like cute baby, I want to be held all the time, I love being in my sling with mommy, being kissed & cuddled by my fam, drinking milk is great, and the best part is- BEING IN A HOME THAT LOVES ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks mom & dad & siblings. If it weren't for you I wouldn't have a home.

So think about that when you say- oh we couldn't possibly take in another child, or I don't have the time, or we don't have the room, or I don't have enough money, or any other things. If you can't take in another child- then pray for others hearts to be opened. Pray for others to give generously so families can take in more children. Pray that God will send families for the other 147 MILLION ORPHANS IN THIS WORLD.

That is my dream- to let the world know there are so many other cuties that NEED LOVE & A FAMILY!

So I'm out for now I have a date with mommy & daddy chill time- enjoy & God Bless You All!


  1. Oh so adorable! The bad part about foster care is not being able to post those cute pictures of our baby online. :-)

  2. i loveloveLOVE this post from little Miss Joanna's point of view :))

  3. Could she possibly be ANY cuter????

  4. That deserves a big AHHHHHHH! Love what you said at the bottom too! So True!

  5. Adorable. Precious! Gee, wonder if that baby is getting enough attention in that big ole family of yours? ;) ;)

  6. Fun post! She is absoulutely priceless!!! A treasure from the Father above!!

  7. HA! LOVE it!! Too cute for words. :)

  8. What was so sweet! She is adorable and I can't believe how big she is getting already.

  9. She is so beautiful!!! I can't wait to for my sweet little baby to come too!!! Your post made me even more excited about it (if that's possible )

  10. What a beautiful little bundle. Joanna sure knows how to sleep, doesn't she? :D My favourite pics are her holding the American and British flags. Too cute. My husband is British and I'm American as well, so those shots really got me.

    I'm new to your blog and am really enjoying reading your posts about your wonderful family. My husband and I so want to adopt as well. Hopefully one day. May God continue to bless you. All the best, Eve (

  11. What a great photo shoot! Joanna is the cutest!!!