Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Jonathan's Re- Adoption- 1 year ago today!

Happy Adoption Day Jonathan Caleb Wright!!!! One year ago today we were able to stand up in court and say we want Jonathan to be our son FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How awesome is that? As adoptive parents we GET to tell the world- YES this child is LOVED FOREVER!
mmmm.....little boy kisses........
The judge was so nice to let us have a couple of pics- look who's holding the gavel.
Our babes waiting very patiently.....he he he- for court to start????
That morning- my little man......awwww
What a cute haircut!
Little man when he first came home- welcomed by his grandpas (if that didn't scare him nothing will - he he he)
What a table full of love.
YUMMY! Grandma's cookies are the best....can I have more? Grandma??? (and she says yes of course)

One of our first family photos as a family of 9!
This is today!!!! And his presents are waiting to be ripped open!
You can tell Joanna is just beyond excited about it.

Yep- still really excited!

This little man loves Toy Story :) Awww........
Look at the yummy confetti cupcakes daddy made with M & M's (Jonathan's favorite chocolate!)
OK everyone try to make a silly face- no really a silly face- oh well :)
What is daddy doing???
Here is Jonathan's silliness....required to live in the Wright Home!

He just really isn't excited at all about this cupcake- hmmmmm.......??
Around here adoption days are like birthdays. A day to remember that they were adopted into our family, and more importantly they were given 3 families- birth family, our family, and GOD's family!!!!! Isn't that awesome? Lots of wonderful families who love them very very very very much!!!!!!!!

And yes, we think about his birth family a lot. Their pics are on our walls, and we remember them & this precious gift we share. ANYONE who chooses life, and chooses to give sooo unselfishly- is a hero in my book!

And tomorrow- we get to wake up and do it all again because it is Sarah's Birthday!


  1. I just LOVED these photos!!!!!

  2. He is just so cute! What a fun day. :)

  3. What fun! Your celebration looks wonderful! As half of our children are biological I am still debating to what extent to celebrate adoption day...considering half our kids don't have one.

  4. what a beautiful smile! Oh happy day for you all!!!

  5. a day to celebrate for sure!!!!

  6. Wow. Fun. We don't really celebrate adoption days. Maybe we should???

  7. Awesome pictures! I love seeing all of the joy in the Wright family. Praise God! Friday is our second son's adoption anniversary. Wahoo!

    I was wondering where you get the sleeping caps for the girls? I think we'll be needing one soon now that God has blessed us with a little girl. :)

    Love in Jesus,