Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Prayer For Many Kinds of Mothers

Mother's Day- a day to celebrate Mothers of course. But my thoughts today go to so many that feel a lot of pain on this day. I can't help it my heart has changed so much over the years, and God has opened my eyes. So what am I talking about today?

Mothers who have lost a child to death, endless fertility treatments that don't work, or failed adoptions. Children lost in the womb, before they could adopt them (like our Hannah Grace), those who were only a few days, and those who were 18 or 55. It doesn't matter what age you loose your child- IT HURTS! For those who have had a failed adoption (like our Naomi Caroline) due to politics of another country or our own, or to those who have held a child only to hear that the biological mom will indeed keep her child. To those Mothers- I pray HEALING over you!

Mothers who are on their own. You know the single mom's who may never even hear Happy Mother's Day (because there is no terrific dad who helps them to make a home made card or their children are too young). Or maybe they have to work that day just so her children can eat. I pray STRENGTH over you!

Mothers who are separated from their children right now on this special day. Anyone who has a child or has adopted knows that the hardest time not to be with them is a holiday. To those mommy's who see pictures of their children, but they are waiting in another country. To those who have bravely sent their child into a branch in the military or to the mission field- and their hearts ache to hold them. For mothers who have parted ways with their children for various reasons- of rebellion, differences, divorce, etc. I pray PEACE over you!

Mother's who struggle daily with being a mommy. Maybe it is because you don't have support from your husband, your family, maybe you live a ways away from anyone. Maybe you have moved recently and don't know anyone in your community. For those with children with special needs or children hanging on by a thread in the hospital. For those who feel like they know the hospital better than their own home. For those who have a child with special needs who work endlessly every day just to try to understand them and their world. I pray ENDLESS LOVE over you!

Mothers who have made a beautiful decision to give their child- a home that is stable, love, food, chances to do many things in life they couldn't provide. To them- I have no real words. I stand in awe of you. Whatever the situation- you - you have made my life what it is today. You have given me a gift there is no way I could ever repay. You have done something that is unselfish to the point of being beyond what my brain can comprehend. I pray JOY over you!

Mothers who wake up every morning with or without strength to do what they know needs to be done. The ones that get up extra early to make their child's favorite breakfast before sending them off to school and going to work. For those that search for just the right gift for that special occasion because they love their child so much- even when that means they will go without something they wanted to get. For the mommies who are also their child's favorite teacher that spend countless hours doing school with them. For those that give those extra hugs, kisses, and cuddles...the ones that drive endless hours to see their child in track meets, plays, concerts, and so much more. To those that brave circumstances of all kinds to show love to the same children the don't remember to say Thank You. I pray the many BLESSINGS OF MOTHERHOOD over you!

You see my eyes have been opened to so many that experience the GREATEST LOVE & the GREATEST PAIN from being a mother. How can one glorious calling be so confused with so many emotions? How can this one thing that is sooo important in life be so hard and so wonderful all at the same time.

This is a mystery only God our FATHER knows. Only HE can comprehend our hearts as we grieve and gain perfect bliss from the same source. Thank YOU GOD for this wonderful journey called Motherhood. Thank you for the many people we get to share it with. Thank you for giving us all the healing, strength, peace, endless love, joy, all included in the BLESSINGS of MOTHERHOOD!

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!!!


  1. Beautiful post, Dawn! You said it perfectly.

  2. What a beautiful post, Dawn! So well said!

    Hoping you had an AMAZING Mother's Day ... filled with your children's hugs and smiles.

    My day was kind of difficult ... missing 8 of my 12 kids ... across the state ... across the country ... across the world. I did hear from most of them, though, so that was a blessing.

    Laurel :)

  3. It seems there is a theme word here, "beautiful" but its the only fitting description. Thank you
    and Happy Mother's Day!

  4. perfectly said, dawn! what a great post! thank you and Happy Mother's Day to you!

  5. What a beautiful prayer! Happy Mother's Day!!!

  6. I Love This!!! What a beautiful post and I feel the same way you do. Mother's day has many emotions for me and it is good to remember that it is alright to have all of these feelings:).

  7. Dawn,

    I ran into your blog from His Hands His Feet Today...

    I look forward to getting to know you better through your future posts.

    Your family is beautiful.

    In Christ,