Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thoughts on a movie review & money..........

So I have been thinking .....last night we watched the movie The Ultimate Gift. It is a good movie about what really matters. You know a movie that has a moral. Although it is not a perfect movie....... I like it. The thing is the young main character is a spoiled brat- way tooo much money for his own good. Which makes him very shallow, and all of his friends are really shallow. In the end he ends up learning how it feels to actually work, make friends, find out who he is, etc. I love the part where he is finally given his inheritance and what does he do with one million dollars- he gives it away! YEAH! To build a home, church, and employment center for those with children who are really ill. Then he ends up getting even more (one billion dollars) money because they realize he has become a new person. Someone who cares about others and can change the world with his wealth.

The reason this has me thinking a lot is because.......well when I was a kid & let's be honest a few years ago even. If you would have said what would you do with a million or even a billion dollars I would have said........ give away a lot to some great ministries......keep some so we could live off of it (not work any more).......give some to my parents so they can live comfortably too.

Well, I have to say my heart has been ripped open and changed. In a good way. I no longer wish to have an easy life without work. That is a silly notion we have created in our world that DOES NOT LEAD TO HAPPINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sitting on a big fat cash stack will never bring you what you really want. Just like this young man it should be our honor to work. It should be our joy to put in hard labor in return for a fair wage.

Then it hit me.....I mean we give a fair amount away every month.......isn't that enough? In my mind- NO! In fact that is the part about being in debt right now I HATE! I don't like not being able to give more. I don't like the feeling of owing money on anything. It drives me nuts! Do we still give- ABSOLUTELY!

The thing is if you asked me now- what would you do with bucket loads of money- my answer would be to see how much fun I could have giving it all away. I don't lack for anything- why would I want money? I would cry happy tears as I would be able to provide sooo many families with the means to adopt!!!! I would love to give to many other Christian organizations that support the needy, poor, those that need to see Christ.

So I am just wondering - what do you give to?

We give to some amazing ministries, but I always love to hear about more- because there are many out there.

So our list:
our home church
our camp ministry
Answers In Genesis
American Family Association
and others randomly- like to other adoptions, the orphanage where Jonathan was, 147million,, those who need help for gas money, etc.

So what are your favorite organizations to give to, and what would you do with a million dollars?


  1. Found your blog via Lucy Lane's. What an inspiring family you guys are! I loved reading this post because my heart is right there with you! It inspires me to do more, so thank you! My dad (a pastor) always said, "If you get on the gravy train it's so that you can deliver the gravy." I think that's so true and it is such a blessing and honor to be able to give above tithes and offerings to different organizations. I still know I spend too much on frivolous things and want to learn to be an even better steward of what God has given us. We're not rich, but my husband has a great job that more than meets our needs. And to whom much is given, much is given required. That being said.. I love learning about new ministries too so I will have to check back for others' comments on this one. What a great idea! Here's our list:
    Monthly: (children rescue)
    Compassion (sponsored kids)
    World Vision (sponsored kids) (sponsored child)
    Mission Aviation Fellowship (missionary pilots)
    CBN "Operation Blessing" (food and disaster relief)
    Randomly: Voice of the Martyrs (supporting the persecuted church around the world), various adoptive families (also recently discovered 147 million orphans. Love it!), Life Today's feeding mission and rescuing girls from the sex trade and water well building, any missionaries or special speakers who come to our church.

    God Bless!


  2. We liked that movie too! I loved your post! We also thought we would retire when we had enough money to, but after learning what the bible says about money and His financial principles, we no longer feel that way. We will work for the Lord as long as we live! We are Crown Financial leaders and use the Crown Money Map as a guide. We love giving and it brings us such joy to help other families who are adopting! We have been married almost 12 years and have always tried to be good stewards of all God has entrusted to us. We give money to...
    2)Crown Financial Ministries
    3)True Children's Home in China
    5)Samaritan's Purse- Operation Christmas Child
    6)Kingdom Kids - We love giving money to help people adopt especially when they have done all they can too! Kingdom Kids is a way for these donations to be tax deductible which enables us to give more to help! We've given through Lifesong too which is similar, but they matched our donation!
    7)All God's Children International to go towards adoption grants.
    8)Bible League

  3. I don't even know them all...some automatically come out of my husband's check and go directly to charities!!
    Off the top of my head-
    Starfish Home in Xian China
    Orphan's Tear/Heaven's Family
    Missions (we have a special commitment to missions on top of our regular tithe)
    Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)
    Project Hopeful
    Independant adoptions

    A million bucks...if we had to give it all to ONE place...hands down it would be Project Hopeful! Check them out at

  4. Most of the agencies we give to have already been mentioned!! I really like giving to the programs that do small loans in third world countries - because it just keeps on going as it gets paid back and given to another small business owner! (World Vision has a program like this, as well as several other agencies)
    Love giving to other adoptive families too!
    If I had a million dollars, I would first buy a bigger house (we have already been told we cannot be approved to adopt (or foster) again with our tiny two-bedroom house) - I like my house and would happily raise more kiddos in it, but rules are rules! Need a big house to fill up with kids! :) Then, I would use some of the money to start our next adoption, and then find families that need some seed money to start their adoptions and get them started!!! I also think it would be neat (and needed) to set up a grant/scholarship fund for adoptive families who's children need intensive help to heal from their past - there are many great helps out there, but some are so expensive they are almost unattainable. (Like the year long, Christian residential care facilities). It seems like there is much more funding available to families in the process of adoption that there is for families who need help after the adoption takes place.

  5. I watched that movie last year. I love that he gave all the money away:) If I got a million dollars today.. I would adopt a large sibling group! Then I would donate the rest to the places I usually give donations:

    1. Reece's Rainbow-for kids Grant funds
    2. Families raising money to adopt
    3. International Childrens Care-Sponorship
    4. World Vision-Micro Loans
    5. Needy families
    6. Church

    That would be so much fun giving away that much money!!!