Thursday, April 29, 2010

Finances & Popsicles from the Schwan's Man

OK so I want to be REAL about finances. We didn't share much before about our journey with Naomi, because we know that sometimes public blogs - well we didn't feel comfortable. So now that the saga is over goes.

The ridiculous reason we were rejected by US C*S for Naomi's adoption - was because our income is not big enough on it's own to meet poverty guidelines. However, we get FREE housing in our 5 bed, 3 bath, nice home, we also get all of our utilities paid- all electrics, all water, all phone, all internet, you get the idea. On top of which we do receive a subsidy for some of our children whom we adopted through the foster care system. Of course there is a tiny little clause that - they "caught" this time to not allow us to use that. Hmmm....funny how that didn't come up during our adoption of Jonathan- huh?

When we presented plenty of information about our benefits - what they are worth etc. The governm*nt chose to ignore it, and deny us anyway. Now we also happen to know through our SW that this lady has issues (and she is the only person who does adoption - through the New Orleans office). Like skin color, large family- hate issues. So there you have it. We will continue to pray for her & others.

So anyway- on with finances. Since we technically pulled out of our adoption through All God's Children International, and it really was not their fault anyway- we LOST a LOT OF MONEY! We had paid for everything except travel. Hasta la vista $20,000 ish give or take. We DO NOT harbor bad feelings about this, because 1) it wouldn't help & WE LOVE AGCI!!!!!!!!!! 2) we know it is not a fight against flesh & blood 3) it is only money. I know most of you are saying- WHAT? Only money???? Yes, and it is NOT OURS! It is God's! So we choose to leave that in God's hands- not ours!

We had already started saving for whatever God was going to provide for our next adoption. Which covered all the travel expenses and the fee we paid to Christian Adoption Consultants. So what does that leave us with? Well.....debt, and as I posted in my last post- it is the only debt that is REALLY WORTH IT!

I am going to be real- we have 20,000 to pay off. We have again saved, and cut out, and today in the mail we got a letter from AGCI. Stating that the post placement report money that they were holding as security in return for the reports- yep you got it- we are getting that refunded! Wohooo! So that takes us down to $15,500 to go.

I will be changing our adoption funds thermometer at the side. Now you all know, and the truth is out there. To those who have already been soooo gracious and donated- WE CAN NOT TELL YOU HOW MUCH WE APPRECIATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are thrilled that we have had so much support. To encourage you, although we were not able to bring Naomi home (not her real name- that was the name we were going to give her) she is coming home & her family is flying over- now!!!!!! Isn't that AWESOME!!!!!

Now you say- what about the popsicles from the Schwan's man?? Well, I like to think about all the wonderful gifts that we have been given over the years- gifts from God. Things like how we have been handed money from strangers, church members, etc. Sometimes someone has said why don't you buy all your kids some ice cream, or this is for your meal (out- which is very rare), or this is for something for your kids, or this is for your adoption.....Many Blessings! So today we were on a walk down our mile long road to get to the camp & back. The Schwan's men were doing a delivery to our neighbor (the only neighbor on our road here in the out back country) and stopped- got out, and said would your kids like some popsicles? Would they? Now that is a silly question :) So yes all 7 of our older children (sorry Joanna no popsicles for you yet) and myself even got a bomb pop. It was cool and delicious! Thank you God for your wonderful provision - for random acts of kindness!

**Please continue to pray for Chrissie & Abby & Sarah , and so many others blogs that I follow. I adore them all, and these BLESSED children remind me so much of my miracle life. I just know that God is watching over them all!!!!!


  1. Thank you for sharing. I am sad that you can't get more of your $20k back but you are so right, after all, it IS just money and the Lord's money at that. He will provide!
    I too am praying for some warrior little ones who are fighting for life. God is being glorified and He will bring them to healing!!

  2. It is amazing to watch how God will provide.

    Praying with you!

  3. That is just beyond ridiculous about the income. Man if I didn't pay for daycare and a mortgage my income would easily double! It is so dumb that they only look at income, not family expenses. But you're right about the money. AGCI worked for their part, and another big chunk went straight on off to orphan care so you can feel good about that too. But debt is no fun, so that just stinks.

  4. One of the things holding us back from adopting is income. I am so afraid that an agency would take one look at our finances and say, "No way Jose!".

    How nice about the popsicles!!! I love Random Acts of Kindness!

  5. It makes me sad that the government involvement in international adoptions is so inconsistent. Our first 171H took 9 days but our 2nd one took 12 weeks and then them telling me we had never sent our homestudy (they had lost it). One person will tell you one set of rules while another will tell you another set of rules. Same thing with the foreign governments...they apply some rules to some and other rules to others. It's truly hit or miss which is not fair because it's about the children. You are obviously providing a wonderful life for your family. They need for nothing. They had the chance to allow a child into a wonderful family and in my opinion they failed the child. I am glad it didn't hold you back and you brought gorgeous baby Joanna home anyway. God is always in control even when it makes no sense to us (but the gov still makes me mad ha ha)

  6. Thanks for being real! Today, so many people have all of these comments about why they don't adopt...and yet, here you are...doing it. We are on the "poverty border" as well...and doing fine, thank you! Your blog inspires me. I have been talking with Tracie and we are saving money and getting stuff together for a homestudy.
    Thanks for sharing your story!
    I love how God works.
    and I love that you get that the money is God's...He is going to take care of you! :)

  7. Thanks for posting your story and sharing the journey of your beautiful family. Best of luck to you all!