Friday, May 14, 2010

Whew- a long week..........

How much cuteness can there be in the world? I mean really......
We have missed you pool time- ahhhhhhh.....
She is way too grown up for her own good!
Still laugh at his life jacket every time!

Baby in the baby float. Not to worry....I moved her- after I took this shot of her sleeping in it. Had to have her in on the fun too!
Oh yeah- you are all jealous now. Back off he's mine!

Does her face just emulate CRAZY or what?

No idea what he is doing????

THIS IS HOW I HAVE FELT THIS LAST WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!! This is why I have not posted for a while!

OK- so pre summer time for us working at a camp & retreat center = A LOT OF PROJECTS THAT HAD TO BE DONE & NOT ENOUGH TIME IN THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then just for some extra fun we had to at the last minute fill out a BEAST of a form for the government for the camp that only tooookkkkk waaaayyyyyy TOO MANY HOURS!!!!!!!!!! YIKES!!!!!!!!!!! I think the government needs to just for fun, every once in a while, throw in a fun question like- what is your shoe size or what is your favorite color- or what is your favorite ice cream flavor. What fun question would you put on a government form???

So this past week I have felt like I am drowning in "too much to do" pile of nasty. I got sick and went to the ER in the middle of the night. We have a board meeting tomorrow and things to do for that. We have had retreats every weekend for the last few months................and my brain hurts. These things do NOT upset me. It happens every year. We have been directors for almost 11 years now. The part that I don't like are things that throw me for a huge loop - like the extra government form. Which made my world go nuts...... and I had to miss out on a lot of hours with my kids- which throws my body chemistry off- NO LIE for real. It is a need to be with my children!!!! On top of that Jason had to do a lot as well- so our children....well.....spent a lot of time outside playing and playing inside - with not a lot from us. So SORRY MY BABES!!!! Yes we have talked to our children and apologized for it. They do know and realize that it is very temporary. That they do matter more than work to us :)

So today- we spent some time at the pool together!!!!!!!! YEAH! Now this next week- more time with children = a less stressed mommy :) Still lots to do, but more manageable.

I am passionate about this next week being better for time with my children & husband and continuing to seek God in Word & Prayer daily! What are you hoping to accomplish this next week?

Pray with me for this upcoming summer- for the campers that are coming! For hearts to be opened, and for God to transform them into NEW CREATIONS!!!!!

May you all Be Blessed as you enjoy your weekend :)


  1. Totally understand the frustration with government forms...AAARRRGGGHHH!!! Here's hoping for a better week for all of you.

    Loved, loved, loved all of the goggles pics!

  2. Whew, you are going to be so busy!!!!!!!!

  3. Sorry you had such a crazy week! Glad you got some fun pool time!

    Laurel :)

  4. hoping this next week is a little better for the family!!! you guys always amaze me!!!

  5. Glad the crazy week is over. LOVE the pool pics!! :o)

  6. SO WISH we had a pool! Looks like SO MUCH FUN! Hugs to you for a better week :)

  7. What fun question would I put on a government form?..... What is your most embarrassing moment? or something else that would make me laugh, especially if I was the one stuck reading all those forms....ugghhh! :)

    Loving the pool pics!!!! I can't wait for swimming weather here in PA!

  8. Ahhh what a way to end a hectic week!!!! You are such a good mommy. I wish more mommies felt that way about being with their children.

  9. Hiya, I'm new to your blog, and am enjoying reading your posts. You have a beautiful family, may God continue to bless your household. Great pics of the swimming fun! I'll visit your blog all the time. All the best, Eve from