Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Weekend To Remember!

 So this was the view from our hotel this weekend.  It was rough, but we decided to sacrifice- you know for the greater good :).  Along with almost 400 other people who were there for this GREAT weekend we listened to 3 different speakers pour out their hearts for MARRIAGE SAKE! 
 Sorry our room isn't tidy or anything....this was just a quick shot. 

So this Weekend To Remember was AMAZING!  Why?  Because there are just so many things in life that we do because of course we want to.  We feel called to.  Like marriage or having children, but who gives us help with the HOW?  Yep- ummmm.....blank stares and crickets!

So these weekends are designed to be fun, honest, and helpful all at the same time!  There is time for a special date night- oh la la!!!  They are held at nice hotels- because let's face it if you are going to get away for the weekend and find someone to look after the kids go somewhere that is worth it!!!
 (the following pictures are from a sand castle competition that was happening at the beach last time we went)

So marriage!  Ummm.....yeah.  It is awesome right?  Or maybe you feel like - not so much?  Maybe you feel like you have to settle for an ok marriage or the fact that at least you don't hate each other.  WHAT IF- God wants sooo much more for you?  What if you marriage is supposed to be like it was in the beginning ONLY BETTER? 
 But over time it becomes something that is a source of unhappiness or maybe even pain?  Maybe there has been so much hurt over time that it feels numb?  Or maybe you are doing ok. 
 So here's the deal- God did NOT create you to have - just ok.  So this weekend is not about finding all the answers or healing all the wrongs in your marriage, but they give you tons of tools to use to get you going!  It was sooo very very very needed for us!  PRAISE GOD!!! 
 We had talked about  it a few months ago.  Booked it.  And well let's say our marriage has had some pretty rough spots lately.  You see......satan likes to mess things up.  Things that are really important!  Things that really matter to you.  Our job is to look to God our Creator to help us build a wall OF PROTECTION AROUND our marriage and family so we can grow in HIM!  Sounds easy enough, but when little things turn into big things.  Comments turn into nasty remarks.  Feelings get hurt and the "sorry" doesn't come, but resentment sets in. 
 So that is what we did this weekend.  And I have to say- if you are married for 2 weeks or 54 years (there were couples there who were only 2 weeks and 54 years) THIS IS FOR YOU!!!  Find a location HERE!  SIGN UP!!!!  I know there is cost involved.  I know there is babysitters to find for the time you will be away, but BELIEVE ME IT IS WORTH IT FOR YOUR MARRIAGE!!!!!  It is worth your time!!!!!! 
 So I have found another real passion in my heart.  A passion to help others through all my weaknesses, because believe me I have SEVERAL with their marriages.  I want to share some bits and pieces from the weekend, from a new book I am reading, and from some personal experiences. 
 I want to be REAL about it because I believe just like adoptions when we hide behind "the perfect family" face we are not helping others.  If we try to pretty it up and pretend everything is ok- it isn't helpful. 
 Noooo....I am not going to go overboard and give away really personal details, but generally I want to help you and your spouse.  I want us all to start living in GOD's GREATNESS for our marriages!!!!!!
We were not called to do mediocre.  WE ARE CALLED TO GREATNESS THROUGH CHRIST!!!!! 

So there it is.  So what marriage tips do you have?

Are there books you were sooo glad to read?

Are there things you would suggest? 

I would love to hear experiences from others too- let's join together and GET OUR MARRIAGES BACK ON SOLID GROUND!!!  This is a battle for the most important thing on earth- OUR FAMILIES!!!


  1. Book "Sacred Marriage: What If God Designed Marriage to Make Us Holy More Than to Make Us Happy"


    Great book- it really worked on my heart.

    We are really, really bad about getting away on dates. Honestly, I think the last time was 14 months ago. I'm going to plan a surprise date this week. THANKS for the reminder.

  2. So glad your weekend was BLESSED!

    :) :) :)

  3. There's one only 40 minutes from here in a few months...hmmm.....

    1. DO IT!!!! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!! Seriously!!!!

  4. My husband and I went to a weekend to remember in March and we loved it! The whole weekend was a total blessing!! And yes there is cost involved, but it was certainly worth every penny!!!!

  5. My husband and I went last year and my son and his wife went to the one here in Indianapolis this past weekend, too! By the way, we are working toward getting our little 6 year old boy home with us! He is originally from the Congo and has been in the States for a few years and will soon be in his forever home with us!!!!