Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Foster Adoption Networking

 Is this not soo stinking sweet?  That is our oldest with a cutie who is with our friend as a foster we can't show you his face.  To be honest there are a lot of pictures I can't show you because we had several at the picnic that are in foster care. 
 But that is ok because we have a lot of other cuties too that I can show you!!!
 So my hubby and I have started a network/community support for foster care/adoption.  We have been leading a life group (a life group is a weekly in home Bible study- of which our church has over 150 happening weekly) specifically for those interested in adoption/foster care, have done, or are doing. 
 We decided to branch out because really our idea is sooo much bigger than a life group.  ALTHOUGH WE LOVE OUR LIFE GROUP TREMENDOUSLY!!!!!!  Getting together weekly with people who "get it" is soooooooo AMAZING!!!!!!
 Our life group has really bonded and we love being around each other!!!!!  Digging into God's Word together just makes it sooo much more amazing! 
 We get to share our we deal with things that are thrown at us with children from hurting places. 
 We get to share wisdom and REALLY IMPORTANT - PRAYER TIME FOR EACH OTHER!!!!!
 I can't say enough about how wonderful it is to have them walking this road with us!!!!  It is exactly what our hearts have needed for so long!!!!!
 The idea of this picnic though was to get together with those that may not be free at the time of week we meet or may be already leading a life group of their own (so they can't just bail to come to ours).  To reach out specifically with those who are thinking about and praying about taking in a foster child/ren, or doing an adoption. 
 We were more than THRILLED to have 51 people show up!!!!!!!!!!!!  YEP- you heard me!!!!!!!!
 It was a BLESSING to know that God is serious about starting this network of support in our church!!!!!!!!
 We were blown away and happy to say that we had a BLAST!!!!!!!
 Because you will notice if you are a family thinking about the least of these- you are a family that loves little people!!!!  You honestly care about others!!!  And don't we all love to be around others like that?  I DO!!!!
 Now....I have to say it doesn't mean that everyone there will foster or adopt.  Some of us are knee deep in it all the time, but God is planting seeds.  We all know what happens when God plants seeds.  We water them and they will grow in their own time into what God wants!!!
 Now the amazing part is that all the people here just came because of some connections to each other just by knowing each other.  Since our church is fairly large (around 5,000+) they plan very early for announcements etc.  So we are already planning for NOVEMBER- Orphan Care month!!!!!!
 Join us in prayer that God will allow us (our whole group) to keep planting seeds.  That hearts will be opened to HIS CALLING for His children!!!!  That we as a church will rise up to help the least of these and be their defender against a cruel world!!!
Our prayer is that we would all join together and help families find the children God has planned for them!!!!  As we all know God did not create children to grow up without a home.  Lord we are sooo very Thankful for the wonderful people that came and we got to share your love for these beautiful children!!!!!!! 

So very thankful for those already stepping out in faith knowing that God is there knitting a child/ren into their hearts!!!!

***Please pray for a close friend that is having to say goodbye to a foster child that has been with them since 3 days old (and is now over a year old).  I know that foster care isn't easy.  It is harder when you have to say goodbye and your heart breaks!  We know that God's love for this child is soooo much more than our own and HE will be faithful to watch over him.  It still doesn't make it easy.......just pray.  Thanks!


  1. We had such a great time :) Love the pic of Baby and Squirt. Perfect angle and ball placement-lol!

  2. Dawn, Your heart is amazing, and I know God is blessing this ministry! I pray that this reaches not only those that have fostered/adopted but I also hope it encourages those who have been considering to take that leap of faith. :) May you and your ministry continue to thrive in the many blessings you have received!

    1. We did have 2 families that have not started anything yet with foster or adoption that were there.....and more that couldn't be there, but want to know more!!! That is sooo encouraging!!!!!! I pray God will intervene and really open up hearts!!!

  3. Beautiful! I would so love to have a group like that. I've been trying to get an adoption support group going here in my town, but it hasn't really taken off yet.

    1. My encouragement is to keep trying!!!! Even if it is only a few families. It is amazing to have others to share with and support!!!!!!!! I will pray that God will provide you with others who will join you in your efforts!

  4. I will be praying for your friend. I cant imagine how hard that must be. Your family is beautiful, and i really enjoy reading your blog. I wanted to invite you to follow my blog, my family is adopting two kids from africa. Thanks, Brittany

  5. Looks like so much fun! We were bummed to miss it, we were on vacation that day. :( Hope to catch up at the next one! You go girl!

    1. WE just need to set a date to meet up again! :) Haven't posted yet, but yea....the shoe scenario- ummmm......happened here times 3!!! he he he he he.....thanks kids for making me look bad! Why don't they tell you - hello mom I have holes in my shoes? :)

      I saw on your blog you were gone having fun and stuff as a family or something ;)