Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy 10th Adoption Day Abigail Marie Wright & Happy Father's Day!

 OK now I ask.....have you ever met a more beautiful young lady?  NO!  I can't even tell you in words how proud we are of her.  Today 10 years ago....after waiting what seemed like forever!!!  We stood up in court, nervous, first time parents, who loved you with our whole hearts already, saying we wanted to hold you, cuddle you, love you, teach you, help you grow up in HIM, and serve others.  We said YES to a beautiful gift the Lord gave us. 
 I still remember the first time we saw you.  You were walking down the stairs at your first foster home (the foster parents were older and didn't have the intentions of adoption....so when it was going toward termination of parental rights they went searching for another home for Abigail).  You were sooo CUTE!!!  GORGEOUS REALLY!!!!   Yet you had a cheecky cute quality that was a tease.  You knew you were beautiful!  You were loving and had the most beautiful smile.  Easy going and fun to be around.

We fell in love instantly!!!  We didn't have to think about it.  When termination happened we wanted to be your forever family.  Oh.....but then there are always bumps in the road.....several in this case.  And as the time passed we had a choice- give up- or keep going.  We are sooo very glad we kept going even when things looked pretty bleak.  We chose to believe that no matter whether you stayed with us or not- we would love you!!!!
 Of course on your special 10th Adoption Day celebration it was also Father's Day!!!!  MY HUBBY IS AMAZING!!  First off he has said YES sooo many times when it would have been soooo much easier to say no.  HE has stood up for orphans, for life, for God, for doing the right thing when the world says why?  HE has stood with me through thick and thin.  Good times and bad times....hard times.....losing children through failed adoption and death.  When things went very wrong in the foster care system and I screamed and felt like life would not go on......he held me.  When I feel like I am not good enough- he helps pick me up and realize who I am in Christ. 

I adore him!!!  In all reality right now we are having a patchy time.  It has been hard.  It has been a struggle.  What does my hubby do?  Well- he decides that means he needs more quiet time.  To listen more to God.  To search out God's heart for him and our family.  He leads us in worship time and devotions.  He loves our children and works on new ways to show them that love.  He doesn't just give up- he says NO WAY!  This is why I LOVE HIM SO VERY MUCH!!! 
 So there were not many presents to open because we decided that since our beautiful princess is getting older and like to do her own shopping we went out shopping together.....just us two!  It was soooo much fun!  I LOVE hanging out with Abigail.  She has distinct taste in what she likes.  She likes to think about her choices.  She knows pretty much instantly what she likes.  :) 
 Have I mentioned she likes horses?  Like mother like daughter :).  So there was a cool book I found about testimonies and horses- great combo!  She loved it!!  :) 
 Hello cuties!
 Daddy and Abigail shared their day together. 
 Awww....a super hero card from the kids!!!!
 A butterfinger cheesecake for Abigail!!!  That's my girl!!!  We even made it together!!  I love it!!!!!!
 10 years ago today Abigail officially became ours!  And my hubby became a father!  What a perfect way to remember :) 
There is nothing more beautiful than remembering the beginning of a journey that God has brought us on together.  We are soooo VERY BLESSED!!!!


  1. Congrats on ten years. Sometimes there are lots of bumps in the road to adoption! Jasmine was a foster child 3 1/2 years before they got the paperwork straightened out!

  2. she's so beautiful! seriously! Blessed indeed!

  3. Sweet, sweet pictures. God Bless!

  4. God bless you! Wow, 9! We have one adopted daughter, who is 12, whom we adopted 3 years ago. It's been hard, but it's an amazing experience. People have said how they "Admire us", etc, but one of the things I say is, "How amazing is it, that you WANT a little girl, and someone (the state in this case) will actually GIVE you one!"
    I also have one biological son, who is 22. It's been a good experience for him, too.