Thursday, May 31, 2012

Friends and Enjoying time together

 So last night we had some friends from church.  So here they are playing with bubbles. 
 So cute to watch them play....awwww......should have taken more pictures- bad blogger alert ;)
 So here is the fun part- you see my hubby for those of you who don't know is from England.  He came to work at a Christian summer camp, met me....and the rest is history. 

Our church has a Spanish service- so who would you hire to do the Spanish service?  Obviously a man who is from Northern Ireland- right?  He he he.....well.....YES!  So pastor Murphy speaks Spanish fluently because he grew up with parents in the mission field. 

Let's just say Jason couldn't wait to have him, his wife Alicia, and their 3 beautiful children- Hannah, Lydia, and Zac over so he could show off his English cooking skills.  (**did I mention that he actually went to school to do management and catering?)  We had English Pasties, Shepherd's Pie, *English gravy, veggies, apple crumble swimming in custard, and I made some of my chocolate crinkles too.  Can you say- STUFFED?  But oh so worth it!!!!

We had a blast talking about British things, how we met our hubbies, how we ended up here in the U.S., and about adoption- my favorite topic of course :).  It was a blessing to see our kiddos playing together and running around blowing bubbles.  We had a great time!  It is pretty much all our kiddos are talking about today :).
 Sooo.....since I am sooo behind on blogging.......and I am stubborn determined to catch up here are some pics for a few weeks ago of us having a fun time at a nearby park.  As you can see Michael is studying his book.  he he he....he totally cracks me up!  Don't you just want to squeeze him?  OK then maybe it is me. 
 Joanna what have you found?  Leaves?'re cute!!!!
 A trip to the park would not be complete without hiking and games!!!!  So here is daddy explaining the rules. 
 Jonathan was in trouble, but even with a pouty face he is just tooo cute and I want to kiss him!
 Hmmm.....I think Joanna shared her leaves with Michael :).
 And they are off!
 Being crazy.......
 Giving funny looks. this is my serious look :)
 Here is Abigail looking very tall and older.  How does this happen?  Although I am thrilled that she is such a beautiful young woman.......I promise just yesterday she was toddling around like Joanna!
 Daddy having a serious conversation with Abigail!
 And well....then there is the "cool down" time. 
 Which involves throwing water around of course. 
 Get him daddy!  he he he he.....hear the squeals?
In the end does it matter who is dumping water on who anymore?  NO!  It is too hot!  :) 

A few prayer requests please :) 

Tonight I get to speak to a room full of Birth Mothers!!!!  I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!!  I am also nervous- not wanting to cry uncontrollably, but wanting them to know how very precious they are!!!! 

Tomorrow Jason and I are leaving........without the kids.......for the weekend..........WOW!  ***And it isn't even for another adoption.  (he he he he......which in our case is usually the only reason we leave the kids)  It is for a marriage retreat through - Weekend To Remember!  We sooooo NEED THIS WEEKEND!!!  Please pray specifically for us to listen to God's Heart for our marriage.  For a lot of rough edges to be smoothed out.  For walls to come down.  For our hearts to turn toward God and each other as we seek to renew our marriage in HIM! 

This has been planned for a while, but totally a God send as far as timing (love how God works out the perfect details).

AND of course pray for Joe and Lisa who are former Christian Camp staff members who are now married and live here in Florida.  We are soo thankful they could come over and watch after our sweeties!  We know they will have a blast!  


  1. Praying for you this weekend, and expecting GREAT things from the LORD!

    Laurel :)

  2. Praying for your weekend!:) SO important to do this often for your marriage!

  3. Praying for you all this weekend! I pray you both strengthen and grow as you draw near to Him who created and ordained your beautiful marriage! <3

  4. Have a wonderful weekend. God can take care of those rough edges. :)

  5. Have a great weekend! We went to one 5 years ago and it was great....we should probably go again since we have doubled our kid count since then. :-)

  6. Praying! Totally get how precious this time focusing on your marriage is!

  7. Hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend! God's blessings to you all!

  8. Have a great weekend. We have been to one and it was great.

    I agree your oldest sure is changing and becoming a beautiful young lady. Enjoy every minute, it is an amazing experience to watch them change from your child to your friend :)