Monday, June 25, 2012

Another post from Michael

 Hey all you Michael fans stand up and clap your hands :)  It's me here and mommy wanted me to tell you all the cool things I am doing now.  I guess it is just because so many of you have been wondering what I am up to.  A BIG WHOOP WHOOP to all of you prayer warriors out there that have been praying for me!!!  I love you!!!!!
 Oh and this is my twin Joanna.  She is pretty cute and I think she is fun to play with :). 
 Oh boy- don't kiss me in front of everyone.  Mom!
 Here she is trying to help me with my bath.  She loves bubbles!  That is me blowing raspberries at her because well that is what I like to do.....a lot! we are hugging. 
 Oh dear Joanna spotted mommy's camera. 
 Oh no- busted!  Yes people siblings love each other even when they say otherwise!  (*shocking I know but even siblings who don't share DNA - sorry, had to say it because sometimes I feel a little sarcastic...can't help it.)
 One last picture of my sister here.....
And then of course ME AGAIN!!!!  :)  Brace yourselves this is a lllooooooonnnnnnnnnngggggggggg list!!!!  Because well God is just that cool!  :)  ENJOY!

OK time to start bragging sharing all of my skillz:

Well it used to be that my feet, legs, and tummy were pretty much mush.  Not a lot of muscle to be found there is muscle.  You can feel it as well as see the results!

Now I can play pretty much all morning long  without taking breaks except a few minutes here or there (hey, I have a lot of siblings to catch up to). 

I recognize my name...although I still ignore it at times ;)

I can roll on my back and lift my head and legs.

I side sit!  Wahoo!!!!  This means I am actually using my muscles properly and I am really good at it.  When I first had to do it for the ladies at therapy....I cried.  Now...I like it and really it isn't that hard at all!

I say lots of  things- ga (hard g), te (long e), ma ma, da, ba, ka, na, la, ta.....and I am adding daily!  I get soo excited now when I am saying new things too. 

I love to blow raspberries!!!  Especially when mommy is feeding me.  You know that way I can spray whatever she is feeding me.....she loves it!

Not a huge fan yet, but my new "therapy boots" are ok.  I don't scream anymore when my mom puts them on.  They are to help my feet so that as I start to walk I don't bend my feet and ruin my muscles and how they are working.  (**caused by the Cebral Palsey)

I catch myself when I am doing my balance exercises with flat hands!!!

I can sit straight up for 5 minutes!!!!  And longer, but I like to explore.

I gave mommy eye contact after a bath the other day for a whole 10 MINUTES!!!  She was being all silly and then playing games.  She was soo excited ;)

I like to try to copy people now.  What they are saying, or doing.

I INITIATED PLAY!!!!  (as posted on facebook) I was at the table and had my spoon.  Mommy was looking at me making some strange silly noises and I put my spoon in her mouth and began to play with her!  Yep, all on my own!  I think she liked it?  :)

I tolerate the chew tube thing, and other toys in my mouth a lot better.  In fact I will sometimes even put toys up to my mouth and chew on them now!!!!!!! 

I am starting to get used to all the thick foods my mom feeds me now.  They aren't as bad.  I still don't like "dry foods" or things that are runny with chunks in it.  BUT it isn't because of not being able to chew....but texture issues.  I can actually chew pretty good now.

I close my mouth around the spoon now.  I guess that is pretty cool?

I actually let my mom and my therapist do the mouth exercises without crying and think it is ok now.  Of course now that my muscles are working more I am thinking it is more fun!

I like to cross my "midline" in play time and switch hands all the time in propping myself up and in play! 

I have discovered I love tangy things and cold things.  Like ice cream and lemon pops they give me at therapy or the tangy candy drops they put on the chew tube to get me to work out my mouth muscles.

I shake my head yes and no.  I sometimes sign....but not regularly.  I am able to communicate when I want more or not  - with my actions now.  May not be signing or head gestures, but I push away or  towards things.

I still LOVE to swing and my therapists use this to get me to do things :)

Mom says I am much more alert to things around me now.

I like to "carry" or "drag" things around, or chase balls.

Drum roll please..........I pulled myself up on the pack and play!!!!!!!  As in the STANDING position.  It was only a moment, but mommy was going crazy! 

Oh and ......another drum roll please..........I am a mommy's boy!!!!  I cry for mommy when she walks away.  I am comforted when mommy picks me up.  I LOVE MY MOMMY!!!  She is awesome :)  I am pretty sure she thinks it is pretty cool that I have bonded with her and want to be with her. 

Well.....that's all for now.  Sorry for the short list ;)  I am sooo THANKFUL for all the wonderful fans out there that love to see my progress and are praying for me!!!!!! 


Michael :)