Friday, June 22, 2012

Guests in our home.....

 So earlier this week we had a few young boys come over so their mommy could go to an important meeting.  So that means we were up to 12 children in our home ages 12 and under :)
 Of course.......
 That wouldn't have been enough right?
 So the neighbor kiddos came over too- making it .....14 kids 12 and under in our home!  Was it loud- ummmm OF COURSE!  Was it fun- YES!  Would I do it again- OH YEA!!!!!  Am I insane?  Is this an actual question?
 So then yesterday we had a bloggy friend come for a visit!!!  And there were bubble involved - of course.  Because when this really cute 2 year old asks for bubalo what can you say?  Ok :)
 And big brother wants some too!
 And Michael....well- he is just adorable!!!  :)
 So this bloggy friend has 8 kiddos!  I love meeting up with people as crazy as we are! 
 This is one of the 8.  Jasmine :)  She has some really great scooter skills and she can play the drums well too!!! 
 Abigail giving their fun scooter a try!
 Sarah's turn.....
 Look at that great smile!!!  She has a heart of gold!
 Hello cute stuff!
 The girls planning......hmmmm....not sure what for?
 Swimming fun!
 Squirting fun....except when it got a little close to us.
 Love having a pool here since our kiddos can swim in it most of the year!
 Who was our guest?  
Kathy Cassel (Click on her name to see her blog)!  Have you ever read any of her books?  They are GREAT!!!  My girls LOVE THEM!!!

Want to see what she has written- go HERE, HERE, Her newest HERE, or just look up Katrina Cassel in Amazon or Christian book store and you will find lots!!!  I think the best part about her books is that they are easy to understand for my girls.  Giving them sparks of ideas on how to live life God's way.  Let's face it - it is tough stuff to be a girl in today's society.  How can we feel pretty- but not just because of our looks?  How can I do my best to really dig deep into the Word?  Her writing is fun too with lots of little activities and great questions to think about!

I LOVED meeting Kathy and Jasmine in person!  They are REAL people.  Kathy has experienced the true ups and downs in adoption- foster care, domestic, and international.  She has experienced RAD (reactive attachment disorder) and pretty much just about everything in between.  She is fun to be around and loves to share about her life. 

We had a great time talking!  Thanks for the visit Kathy and Jasmine! 


  1. I read Kathy's blog . . . and how, exactly, did I miss the fact that she has written those books??? I've seen the books, but had NO IDEA that Kathy was the author. Oops!

    Glad you all had a fun day.

    Are you CRAZY to have 14 kids at your house for the day? Yep. Just as crazy as me. Remember the first day I met you . . . you and Jason LEFT and Carissa and I watched your 7 and my youngest 6. It was a GREAT day!

    Love ya!

    Laurel :)

  2. Loved being there! I asked Jasmine what she'd think about having that many siblings close to her in age and she said she'd love it : )Of course I'm sure there would be days...

  3. Looks like another fun day at your house! You are one brave woman. (I appreciate seeing all the young ladies in one piece swimsuits...yeah, mom!)