Thursday, June 7, 2012

For Women Only if you are thinking that in all big families the kids do everything and mommy gets a break- think again!  I LOVE doing things for my children.  NOT ALL THINGS do I do for my children because if I did- then they would not grow up to be responsible.  So YES they help clear the table, set the table, sometimes help cook a meal, help with laundry, put away clothes, pick up toys, and help with pets.  BUT I usually take care of the babes.  I LOVE IT!!!  It is part of my addiction motherly instincts :) 

I also do realize that on occasion I should allow my other children to help because then they feel like they know how to help with younger children.  The following pictures are taken in our bedroom while telling Andrew and Sarah - can help get Michael and Joanna changed.  Now Michael....let's say that other than his mild cerebral palsy and lack of some muscle strength- he is easy!  Joanna on the other hand knows mommy isn't dressing her and she can get away with things.......especially if mommy is busy taking pictures and laughing.....REALLY HARD :)  he he he he he he.......enjoy........
 So the title today is a book.  You can get it HERE!  I am sure they sell it other places too, but I try to buy things online if I can at a Christian resource center :) 
 This book is along the lines of other books I have heard of and or read.  Like Men Are From Mars Women are From Venus.  BUT unlike other books- this is directed TO WOMEN in a new way.  Women don't need a book about themselves- we totally get each other.  No need to understand how we work. 
 This book tells you HOW YOUR HUSBAND WORKS!  As in how he is wired.  How his mind thinks. 
 Sound scary.  It may be a bit, but OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!  Can I just say that I have NOT EVER read a book that I have had soooo many AhhhHAAAAA moments!!!!  (Besides scripture - I can easily identify with soo many people in the Bible). 
 As in......remember that fight you had last week.  Why in the world did he wig out over that? was no big deal I just him.  Why did he react that way?
 I was only trying to get my point across.....I didn't think it sounded bad.  But did it to him?
 This book seriously put sooooo many new things into a WHOLE DIFFERENT LIGHT for me!!!!!!
 The best part- it is all based on survey questions of over a 1,000 men!!!  One of the surveys was to any male across the board rich or poor old and young.  Then one of them was sent to Christian men specifically. 
 There is also a For Men Only book too, but if your man is not a reader- they have it on cd as well.  :)
I LOVE that fact that this book has really opened my eyes.   Because you know I actually REALLY LOVE MY HUBBY, but sometimes things just don't make any sense to me!!!!!  If you feel that way......GET THIS BOOK!  I guarantee you will go- Ooooooohhhhhh  now I get it!!!!!! 

****Have any awesome marriage tips?  Other books?  Other things your girlfriends, moms, trusted mentors have told you that have really helped?  Pass them on- leave a comment or email me please!!!!  I want to share them here!!!!  After all marriage is sooo KEY to our families.  Let's help each other out and remind each other how important Marriage is!!!!!


  1. I read that book years ago and it was THE most helpful book for trying to understand men. It is a real shocker so be ready- men are WAY more different than you ever thought before! But after I read that book I would ask my hubby questions to see if it was true- and that has lead to many open and honest conversations that have bonded us and helped us understand each other. I think all women should read the book!

  2. You have a gorgeous family! I loved that book - read it a few years ago, and my husband loved For Men Only even more than I loved For Women Only! :D So I can recommend that one too! Our favorite marriage book is "His Needs, Her Needs" and I also enjoyed "Created to Be His Helpmeet." The best marriage advice I've ever heard came from the elder who married us - he only had one sentence of marriage counseling for us, "do everything you can to make each other happy, and really try NOT to do the things that make each other unhappy." I thought that simple sentence was pretty great! :D We also loved this personality test -, and looking up our results on to read about each other.

    1. Awesome! I will have to look into those :) Sounds like pretty good advice to me! :)

  3. The book changed my marriage about 5 years ago. :) Praise God that our church held a study and we had a bold teacher. ;)