Saturday, March 3, 2012

How's the transition going?

 Well....let me tell you this crazy hair boy is AMAZING!!!  he he his hairdo?  Ummm.....yeah this is what his hair does if he hasn't had a bath.  It is crazy fun!  Oh and note to self little light skinned people don't need the same amount of lotion.  Yep, he he he ......I totally am crazy.  Just ask my kids! 
 Here is Joanna......falling asleep at lunch........awww......
 Daddy don't be so mean. 
 Look - baby girl has a 'tude!  But she is still so CUTE!
 Playing with magnets and electricity. 
 Awww....the world is right if I have my daddy.  :)
 Learning is fun!
 Hey, watch - when I do does this....
 Love seeing my babes learn new things and come running to show me!  It totally melts my heart!!! 
 Daddy even gets in on the action!
 Here is what Little Man thinks.....
 Ummmm....what do you think?  Do my sweeties make good dinosaurs?
 What about this one?
 Now this is a fun checkerboard!
 Joshua and Matthew against daddy.....
 Matthew up above on a bed of nails, and this little truck thing is Joanna's favorite spot!  If I have turned my head for a minute this is where she ran off to. 
 Oooooo Abigail you look delicious......
 Oh look crazy mom!
 Daddy and Elizabeth building a pyramid!
And just to prove they are really "twins" here is Michael later that day..........too funny!!!!!!!

So transition- going pretty well.  We seem to have found our groove and are doing fairly well- except this whole cold thing happening right now in our home.  But remembering not too long ago to the stomach bug- I would take this ANY DAY!!!!  :)

I think one thing I would say to many people is that any time you bring home a new child- birthed or not (and I say that because I have heard others who have actually given birth say it) it takes TIME!  Did I instantly love Michael- YES!!!!!  Did I start bonding with him right away- sure.  But, it takes time to really get to know each other.  What they are really like.  What their personality is.  What their needs are.  Who they are. 

So don't think that every time we have brought home a child- it was all instant.  It is in a sense that I would die for any one of my children before I met them!  I would give all I have for them to succeed.  I would give anything I had for them!  BUT, I don't "know" them yet.  As you get to know fall in love. 

Many people think it is different, but I don't.  When you met your spouse- if you have one ;) you may have felt an instant spark- or not.  Either way.....over time you began to think he was funny, or sweet, or cute, or when he did this and that you just knew he was the one.  (or she if there are men reading my blog :). 

I can tell you I love to snuggle with Michael!  And he melts right into my arms.
He is very mellow little man.  (which is nice because Joanna is NOT mellow- they balance each other out).  He enjoys interaction which is fun.  He loves to be tickled- A LOT!!! 
Which is great because I love to tickle and so does daddy!!! 
He loves to be thrown around in the air. 
When he actually looks at my face (which is getting to be more and more) I MELT LIKE A PUDDLE!!!!  He is having "conversations" now with myself and Joanna mostly.  Which can I say- is sooo adorable. 
He loves to bounce on my knee. 
He doesn't like thickened foods- he he he, but mommy is persistent! 
He can do the little pop up toy where you push, pull, twist, etc.
He is learning new things everyday. 
His glasses - make me giggle because they are soo cute, but they help him a lot and I LOVE THAT!
His cry is pretty soft compared to Joanna's, but he can let you know when he is unhappy. 
His favorite toys are ones that make noises and he interacts with that, his little stuffed giraffe, and the magnetic doodle board. 
He is now sucking his thumb regularly.  Right now as I write he is sitting in his chair and actually played with his tongue- considering he hats stimulation in his mouth this is good. 
He loves to swing!
He loves to laugh! 
He loves to bang things.
He actually does pretty good at doing new things.  
AND through all of this and more.....I can say I AM HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH MICHAEL!!!!  It hit me the other day that he is part of us now.....not a thought anymore of him being "new" to us".  He has been a part of our family, but now it is not a second thought.  He is OURS and we are HIS!

OH AND DRUM ROLL PLEASE............he was on my lap a couple of days ago and actually held himself up all by himself for almost a minute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ***For those of you who are thinking- didn't you say he was 2?  Why is this a big deal?  Go to this post and scroll down to the end.  :) 

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  1. SO GLAD everything is going so well for you! :)