Thursday, March 15, 2012

This and that

 This is mr. making sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to...and if you don't he will write you up on his little board.  That is a firm warning my friend ;)
 This is my husband's look of- are you seriously going to put this on the blog? 
 When I said YES I am so if that is how you want others to see you- it is your issue.  So then he gave me a smile......
 And then he did this :)  OH DEAR!!!!    Silly daddy.....
 This is a gift from a bloggy friend!  I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!  So cute!!!!  And it is soo sweet that she did this.  We have 9 kiddos and have never had a shower for them?  But this made my day!!!!!!  THANK  YOU HEZRA!!!!!
 This is a couple of weeks ago when we had Joanna and Michael dedicated.  Is she just too cute or what?  Love that hand on the hip move?  Yea, me too. 
 And she is twirling around for you now. 
 And here is the back.....
 and here she is in motion...he he he
 Little man being held by big brother!  ....Awww........LOVE!
 I LOVE that his siblings just dote on him and love him!!!!!  Makes my heart happy!
 And this folks it what it takes to entertain, bring snacks, and get through a service for dedication :)  We always take a cooler with extra babas, water, mt. dew for me, cheese sticks usually, and snacks.  And different diaper bags for the different kiddos as they go to different places on our Sunday evening services.  And and extra diaper bag full of small toys and books for the "wait" before the service since we had to be there early.  Whew! 
 Hello, I have taken over mommies desk now.  And yes I can because I am cute like that!
Here we are waiting for the service to start - we hung out in one of the little kid rooms.  :)  Will eventually have the dedication on a dvd. 

OH and in case you aren't facebook friends- we have our family photos back, but not on disk yet.  When we do - I will be sharing more of those with you all.  :)  Hope your day is going well!


  1. You take a cooler to church? For Mt. Dew for YOU? I will be doing some research to see if there is a 12 step program for Mt. Dew Addicts. If not ... I think it's about time to get you committed. :) Were you CRAZY like this before 9 kids ... or are they the cause of this addiction?

    How long ARE your church services? 3 or 4 hours? Hosanna says that maybe they are longer than our services because y'all live "down south" in the Bible Belt.

    :) :) :)

    1. He he he he....oh my I totally loved the laugh!!!!! That is too FUNNY!!!!! Jason started laughing too!!! Oh my........

      OK so our church (is only a few miles away) services are usually an hour and 15- 30 minutes :). Mind you we usually go to 2 services with time in between them. So we go to the 4pm service and stay and serve for the 6pm service. So we are there from 3:30 to get the kiddos checked in for their services and stay until 7:30. So YES I take Mt. Dew as a "snack" along with some goodies between time to curb my roaring stomach- so I can play with 18+ 2-5 year olds!!!

      I guess I just got in the habit of taking a cooler everywhere when we lived at camp and were 45 minutes from town. That way we didn't have to eat out all the time. UGH!

      Ummm.....YES I WAS THIS CRAZY BEFORE 9 KIDS!!!! Ummm......let's see since I was well a small child I have always been CRAZY!!!!!! Mind you that was before Mt. Dew! When I got into high school- I drank Mt. Dew.....and well I have since then (bar a few times I have given it up for periods of time for fasts).
      Ummmmm........I have changed a lot since then and have actually mellowed out- believe it or not? he he he......It's true. I used to be extremely hyper which is why I understand Elizabeth so well. :)