Wednesday, March 7, 2012

One in a Million

 At one of our favorite educational fun places- MOSI (museum of science and industry) there is the above display. 
 Look closer and read this......
Measuring One In A Million?  On foot in the length of 3,333 football fields- that's One In A Million
Counting To A Million?  You can count to one million in 11 1/2 days- counting a number a second.
One Million Breaths?  A million breaths would fill 50 days. 
 Then you are supposed to look for the red bead- of which there is only 1 in this entire tube- just to give you a sense of how big this tube is- it is approximately 3 feet wide, and about a 6-8" in diameter.  The blue beats well there are 10 of those, yellow- 100 of those, and dark blue 1,000 of those. 
 I never found anything but the dark blue beads- this is a bad shot, but this is more up close.  Folks it looked like the beads were tiny bits of Styrofoam.  And they numbered ONE MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!  People ask my why I am sooo passionate about adoption?  I say- BECAUSE TAKE THIS TIMES OVER 160 and that is HOW MANY ORPHANS ARE IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  PEOPLE who DON'T HAVE A FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now there are lots of people who step on toes saying everyone should adopt.  There are lots of people who step on toes saying we can do so much more.  WELL I AM IN A TOE STEPPING MOOD and I SAY WE ALL CAN DO MORE AND ADOPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Saying it just isn't my thing is like saying those that die everyday through abortion - just isn't my thing- OF COURSE IT IS!  Saying it just doesn't affect me is like saying the thousands that die daily around the world from lack of clean water or food don't affect me- OF COURSE THEY DO!  Saying that all the worlds issues of good health care, hiv care for those in third world countries, rape, child slavery, and wow this list could get really long- ALL AFFECT EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US!!!!!!!

IGNORING the TRUTH is like hiding your head in the sand!  Simple as that.  Can all of us do it all- NO!  But we each can do something- this isn't a calling it is a COMMAND.  We each can allow our hearts to be broken.  To move out of our comfort zones.  To reach outside our walls.  To allow God to lay on our hearts what is on HIS.  And if we do that- we all can change the world!!!!!!!

I pray you will be offended to the point of thinking about it.  It isn't about me- ha!  I am a Christian trying to do my best to follow Christ, and I fail miserably daily!  In talking with our kids today about sin.....I said I pray and hope that you don't see perfection in us....because it isn't there, but I hope you see our brokeness and that we try our best to fill that with Christ. 
 Speaking of orphans.....look at this cute man who is NOT AN ORPHAN ANYMORE!!!  He is chillin in the swing- awww.....he loves it.  Sometimes we sit him in a chair inside it- he likes that too. 
 Here he is in an old cooler that we use as toy storage.  (yep I'm cheap like that).  Why?  Well, you see we think of many creative ways to get him sitting up as much as possible with support so his muscles will start getting toned to help him do it on his own. 
 See this chair- same thing....and I ask you- how handsome is he?
 I just seriously want to eat him up!!!  I am sure he is writing I Love My Mommy on his tablet- right?

We have a ball too that we are doing exercises with as well as toys that we are working on manipulation skills with him.  He is just doing sooo well!!!  We are soo proud of him! 
Joanna and daddy riding the carosel. 
 Mommy and Michael on the carosel too.  But it is hard to get a good picture holding the camera yourself- just sayin'.....but
I think he enjoyed it.  Going out with his family for the day and riding some things in Dr. Suess Land.


  1. Love it! My whole family has those Apisa shirts in the same color!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love this post. We ALL can do so much more. And the"twins" are too cute.