Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Adoption Day Joshua, Sarah, and Elizabeth!!!

 This marks 4 YEARS that our children have been in our family PERMANENTLY!!!  4 years ago (yesterday) we CELEBRATED THIS SUPER HUGE OCCASION!!!!!!  I am pretty sure I can't make it through blogging today without crying because I can feel the tears well up now. 
 You see......every time you read our blog you see these gorgeous kiddos the Lord has given to us. 
 I see a million miracles all in one person!
 You see the beautiful smiles, and I know the heart ache behind the smiles that God has given them now. 
 You see the wonderful fun and silly things we do together.
 I see the hardest and darkest days of my life- becoming overshadowed by God's victory!
 I see 3 very very very long years.........of unstable lives, hard court days, social workers who hated us, social workers we loved (we had 8 within those 3 years!), a judge who seemed to change his mind with the season and depending on his mood of the day, a struggle to have connections with the birth family that were great.......great until CASA stepped in (court appointed child advocate) and spread lies and rumors about us, times when we were preparing our family that these children would go to live with their biological family- a time we rejoiced in for them, and times when those moments shattered- AGAIN,  a lawyer who saw how obvious the HATE was from our CASA worker (and yes it was prejudice and we even know why- which is a story maybe I will share at some time).  Oh and the list goes on.......pushed back court dates, possible birth fathers who didn't eve know the name of the child!!!  Visits with the biological family that left our children in pieces- that continued weekly- FOR 3 YEARS!  Oh my heart couldn't take it!!!  I think maybe I will be sharing parts of that story as a witness that God does indeed triumph over it! 
 TODAY IS ABOUT JOY!!!!  A JOY THAT CAN NOT BE STOLEN!!!  EVEN IN THE DARKEST MOST HORRIBLE MOMENTS!!!  THIS JOY was HOPE!!!  A HOPE that we were given when we said YES!  A hope we were given when God answered- if you say YES I will watch over you.  I will guide you.  I will give you strength when you don't have ANY left! 
 Seeing my babes playing with their siblings, sharing, laughing, rejoicing, caring, loving, and growing in God- THOSE THINGS ARE FROM GOD ALONE my friends!!!!!!!!  THOSE THINGS NO ONE CAN UNDO!!!!  OUR GOD IS GREATER!!!!!!  I have seen and I believe it!!  I can't erase it from my mind- it is too clear!!!!!
 So *yesterday* as we ate donuts for Elizabeth's cake.  And celebrated this beautiful young girl....
 I saw how amazing she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 HOW AWESOME our GOD's story for our lives are!!!
 And would I trade this and take all the hard stuff back? NO WAY IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 This baby girl has REAL WINGS!!!!  Her enthusiasm is immeasurable!  She is loving, caring, beautiful, and has a JOY in life that few know!!!!  Elizabeth Anne I love you more than any words can say!!!!
 Oh and This young man- my Joshua David......you are not only soo sinking handsome, but you are my fierce protector.  The "Michael" in the movie Blind Side.  SERIOUSLY!  You are caring in that way.  You will protect your family, love them fiercely, and guard them with all your heart! 
 And that is God at work in you!!!!  A redemption story of life!!!!  I LOVE IT!!!!!  Your smile has always taken me back. 
 Joshua ordered from daddy- carrot cake with cream cheese frosting of course!
 Sarah ordered from daddy a banana cream pie!  YUMMY!!!  Oh sweet Sarah......you are God's great princess!!!  You have the ability to lead and share boldly with anyone!!!  I love seeing that spark in you :)
 **This is also a marker for you- you have officially been permanently with our family - longer than you have not been in our family.  For those who have not adopted- this is a BIG DEAL.  It is sometimes a breaking point for some- in a great way.  We are praying this over you Sarah!  It means God is reclaiming YOU FOR HIM!
 This handsome man and his cake!  Today (yesterday) was a GREAT DAY OF CELEBRATION!!!  Remembering the hard stuff, but also remembering that GOD CARRIED US ALL THROUGH IT and still does.  KNOWING THAT THESE BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN ARE YOURS GOD....and on loan to us for the time we are given.  PRAISING GOD FOR THE GREAT THINGS HE HAS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Nothing like a good sob first thing in the morning! :O) Such a beautiful post! God is so good!

  2. A wonderful post! Your children will treasure your words to them on this blog...maybe they already read it and do! Your family is so lovely!

  3. Awesome! I love the donut cake...may have to steal that idea! :-)

  4. This made me cry and covered me in chills. How Great is Our GOD!? There are no words. Thank you for sharing. Victory is assured but it doesn't come cheaply!

  5. Tears! I love your kiddos! Happy Adoption Day Elizabeth, Sarah, and Joshua!!! Thanks for sharing Dawn :)

  6. Hmmm, sorry if this is twice. I hit publish and my words disappeared, but this post gave me the chills, in a good way. Needed to hear it., to remember why fighting for the least of these is soo important! Love your family, happy day indeed!

  7. Happy Day to Your Sweet Little Ones and You!! What an amazingly beautiful family!!! The part about CASA scares me a little-- we had a great CASA worker in our "case" and I have just recently decided to join CASA....