Friday, March 30, 2012

I won!! and other crazy stuff....

 OK so I WON!!!  YEA!!  I won these :)  WAHOOO!!!!  Actually I won them a bit ago, but you know - LIFE happens, but I wanted to share!
 You see I won for simply giving a little - praying a lot - and sharing about this wonderful family that is bringing....not 1, not 2, not 3..........
 BUT 4 children HOME!!!!  YEA!!!!!!!  So BLESSED to be praying with them on their journey!!!  GO READ ALL ABOUT THIS FAMILY :)  They have another giveaway going on right now!  And they have plenty of fun tshirts as well!!  THANK YOU Kim for the fun gifts, and sooo EXCITED to see God working on your journey to being BLESSED with 6 CHILDREN :)!!!
 So reality check?  He he may live in this family if this is what you do for fun?  (Stand back ladies he is all mine!)
 And you may live in this family if your children beg with you and plead with you to do the same!  (so please no nasty emails they wanted to do it- thanks ;) 
 Tooooo  funny!!!
 Awww....look at those sweet lips...
 he he he he he
 Awww....Michael....don't worry there is ALWAYS a family member to give you hugs- all day long that is!!! 
 And since when did this stinker learn how to use a cup?
Told you she was a stinker......a VERY VERY VERY VERY CUTE STINKER! 

So wow.....crazy week.  Monday we took Sarah to the doctor because she had this random rash thing that we had no clue about.....that all of a sudden spread to her arm.  NO IDEA what it was even stumped the doctor. 

Then Monday night Jason started feeling bad.  UGH!!!  Tuesday morning he couldn't even get in the only time he got up to sit up or get out of bed for the last 3 WHOLE DAYS was to use the facilities and to go to the doctor!  YIKES!!!  He has vertigo, and yes he has done the exercises :).  Today....a bit better, but still not the greatest.  Thankful that he is at least up, and working from home.  I didn't want him driving that is for sure!!!  Vertigo makes you extremely off kilter as in very very very dizzy. 

So that was my fun and crazy week :)  Glad it is over and glad it is the weekend!  Glad my hubby is feeling better and for rest time!!!!


  1. So thankful hubby is feeling better. It's hard when they are sick.

    Love the pics of your fun family!!

  2. Hello!! I just stumbled across ur blog by reading a comment u left on Katie Davis's blog 'The Journey'. I just wanted to let u know I am awed and that I L-o-V-E what I have been able to see with my quick, too short, IPhone-impaired look around ur blog!!! I am the oldest of six (same two wonderful Godly parents, all single births, no adoptions) and I LOVE and APPRECIATE other big families!! :) I don't know why you and ur husband have chosen to adopt or how God has scripted your story, but I like it :) :) :) (British American!?! Howd that work out?? Lol) Also, I just wanted to tell u how proud of u and glad that u adopted the little one with disabilities (Micheal??) he is ADORABLE and u r being the hands and feet of Jesus to that little boy whether or not he ever realizes it.
    U r giving him the love that no one else could. Praise the LORD!
    Blessing to u and ur awesome family!

    1. So glad you left a message...hope to see you around more!! I did tell our story of how Jason and I met...our lives have both been wild rides and God joined that together, and it has been wild since then!

      Michael is a true BLESSING! Trust me he has blessed us more than I could have imagined in the almost 2 months he has been with us! And I couldn't love him more!

      Our story is wild and crazy! You know it wasn't "the plan" to have a larger family. He he he...that was all GOD! And although it can be crazy hard at moments we wouldn't trade it for the world!!!! Our children came to us in many different crazy ways, but each one such a BLESSING from GOD!!!! :)

    2. I am thinking look under the new blog tags for marriage and you should find our story :)