Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy Adoption Day Andrew James Wright (from the 6th)

 So- YEP!!!  A lot of you guessed it! 
 I chopped my hair!  And I feel sooo much lighter!  I usually grow out my hair, chop it, and send it to Locks of Love
 They give children who because of cancer treatments etc. have lost their hair!  Being a cancer survivor myself I LOVE THIS!!!  Although I never lost my hair, but I had plenty of friends who did.  Having cancer is hard enough as it is without having to lose something that makes everything feel awkward. 
 What is this???  YEP, an electrical plant- Tampa Electric Company O?  no idea what the O is for?
 Anywho...the reason for the visit?  The manatees come in when the water gets too cold because of the output of warm water. 
 HAPPY 9th ADOPTION DAY ANDREW JAMES WRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Our cheeky boy!
 Who LOVES Star Wars (so he got a Star Wars book),
 legos- Star Wars of course,
 And a watch that was a lego watch - policeman of course- his dream when he gets older. 
 Peppermint ice cream cake!!!  A recipe from the Duggars first book, with a twist.  He wanted peppermint ice cream so we took peppermint ice cream bars- in a layer, cool whip, and another layer of peppermint ice cream bars, more cool whip- and bits of Andes mints and ground up candy canes with of course chocolate topping too!  NO calories here :) he he he......ummm....yeah.......
 To our young man that we love!  You are headstrong like someone I know he he he... me.  You are a leader, and someone who is going to make a great police officer if that is where God leads you.  You are wonderful at playing with your younger siblings and caring for them.  I know you will be a great father!  You love reading and legos and oh my how we find legos everywhere, but I wouldn't have it any other way!!!!!!!!!!!  I LOVE YOU ANDREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love that 9 years ago on January 6th we testified in court that we wanted to be your forever family!!!!!!!!!  PRAISE GOD!
 Andrew was especially excited because we had guests over for his big day!!!  We had a couple of my friends boys over for the day so mommy and daddy could move.  Thank God they only moved down the road!!!!  Because we love them :) 
 And the camp that Jason and I worked at- the directors have retired a while ago, and moved to Florida!!  So they came to visit us!!!!
 We loved having company!
 Jason and I with Emma!!!!  Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She is a former camper!!!!!  And we share a special bond because she was adopted!  LOVE IT!!!!
 Our girls wanted in the pictures too :)
 Jason, Dave, Sharon, and I!!!!!  Love the memories that camp brings up for Jason and I.  Even though we are no longer Christian Camp directors, it is a part of our hearts!!!!!!  The place we met!!!!  GOD has some crazy great stories from camp and how HE works in people's hearts there!!!!!
Love you Dave and Sharon!!!  You mean a lot to us!!!  Mentors, supporters, and wonderful life lived to serve others!

So along with a great visit on the 6th, we got to meet up with a bloggy friend Kathleen Wright at Universal on Thursday....and bad bloggy form....I forgot the camera.  Sorry, I know how could that happen???  But it was a fun day out!!!!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and besides getting busy preparing for Jason's parents to arrive, last night....and my parents this weekend.  And my aunt and uncle are coming south too........there has been a lot going on!!!!

*****I have a very special unspoken prayer request that I would like you all to pray about.  Just know it involves healing of hurts that are huge and I know our God heals!!!  THANKS!!!!


  1. Love this post! I do that as well with my hair. I am getting close...thank goodness! I can't deal with it this long for much longer..haha

    Also,I just wanted to let you know that I included your blog in my blogroll. You can see it here:


  2. Hair looks cute!

    Too bad I can't stand it much longer than shoulder length.

    Praying with you.

  3. Love your hair! and you know Kathleen?! How funny God is joining our worlds so closely lately.... Kathleen has been to our house for dinner :) Love her!

  4. Is that the same table you've always had? Maybe just the angle--it looks sooooo long! Where did you find it? We are squished around our table, but having trouble finding an affordable new set.

    1. We have had this table for quite a few years :) It is from IKEA!!!! Not too expensive either. My parents are visiting and we can seat our 10 around it without the leaf, and 12-14 with the leaf. :) I think the name of the table began with an N? They still have it I know.

  5. Your hair looks fabulous! You guys really go all out on those adoption days! Oh the cake sounds delicious, I'll bet Andrew had the biggest piece!

  6. How incredibly blessed (& busy) you are. I'm going out my hair too. Can't wait to chop it off!