Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Eve....yep a bit behind!

 So for Christmas Eve we went to see GG!!!!  She looks pretty good doesn't she? 
 It was such a joy to see all the grandchildren and great grandchildren that live here gathered around.  I mean look at her face below- is that HAPPY or what???? 
 The cousins of course need no encouragement to have fun ;)
 Running around the home.   Yep- no problems they are too cute and all the people there fawn over them. 
 Having some conversations.......
 Now they are up to something!!!!  Yep- GUILTY!!! much love in this family!  We look forward to times to be together. 
Gathering around. 
 Looking at the phone of course....
 He he cousin talking to this lady here- she is always wanting "contraband" he he he- cigarettes or alcohol :) oh dear.  We are sooo the wrong people to ask sweetie. 
 Let's sing Carols!!!!
 Lots of fun singing and everyone gathered round to hear it. 
 Jason went around with Sarah and Elizabeth talking to each of the residents asking them if they had anyone to come visit.  Sadly there were those who didn't.  Breaks my heart.  Glad our girls and hubby were able to give some Christmas cheer and hugs!  (while is corralled the other kiddos he he he)
 Awww... Jessa is sooo cute and gets lots of extra love!!!!  :)
 And then we came home to do a Bethlehem meal.  Where you do a similar meal to what they would have had  in that time period.  Fresh veggies and fruits, fish, etc.  ALL a shared meal.  Washed hands with pitchers of water and bowl, sat on the floor and ate by candlelight. 

Here we are enjoying it all!  The kids thought it was GREAT!  Yes those are towels on the girls heads- as was the custom.  Jonathan showing usual. 

We had a BLESSED time!  And I promise to update more soon!!!!  Tried to post yesterday, but Blogger was having issues uploading my pics :( boooo.  Soon I will catch up....he he he.....

NO news on the adoption front!  Have put our names in for at least 7 cases.....and been turned we keep is soo hard, but we know our babe will come. 


  1. Love the girls all dressed up for Christmas Eve! Beautiful blessed family!

  2. And I'm a bit behind...Merry Christmas and happy new year, friend. I love the pictures of you all at the retirement home...they must have loved seeing all your kids' sweet faces, and one more soon! :)

  3. What a blessing your family must have been to all those residents. Jessa is as squeezable as they come!!! What a joy to be together. Love the Bethlehem meal.

  4. Happy New Year friend! Love how you are teaching your children by example to be the hands and feet of Christ! Beautiful!

  5. has a special needs child on their website. check it out.

  6. Love the idea of Bethlehem meal... will have to google that.

    Praying for your adoption!