Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

 Happy Birthday to my father in love!!!!!  (his name is Vic).  It was his 66th Birthday last Saturday :)  So Jason whipped up some fun cupcakes....and yes Vic picked the orange color!  :)  Tells you a little about his personality doesn't it?  YEP!
 OH if you haven't read the last post- GO DO IT NOW!  :)  We are adopting and he is of course the cutest child!!!!!  Not that we are biased or anything mind you.  So for those who don't know my parents are here in FL- staying with my Aunt Jane, and my Aunt Beckie and Uncle Doug are here also staying at my Aunt's house too.  (my hubby's parents are both staying here with us). 
 So here is Becky talking to my mother in love.....
 My mom.....trying to get Joanna to smile....oh yeah......ummmm......did I mention we have all that the stomach bug?  Oh well.....WE HAVE!!!!  It hit HARD!!!!!!  UGLY AND NASTY are the only words to describe this disaster!  It hit one or two at a time- only missing Vic, Sarah, and Elizabeth (thankful for them.....but not for the rest of us who have all suffered the terror).  So this nasty bug has been hanging out in our home and well - PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am declaring that disaster OVER baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
 The men......my father in love on the left- Vic, my dad in the middle- David, and Doug on the right - my uncle. 
 My aunt Jane talking with the girls......  :)
 So this not the clearest pic because it was taken through the window- but this dead tree is the only tree the boys have to climb in our yard....he he he.....and well... you know boys will be boys!
 My mum and Andrew.....

 Grandma playing Chinese Checkers with Abigail.....
 Jason and Aunt Jane talking....
 Bring on the cupcakes!!!!!
 Jonathan asked several times........is it time for the cupcakes yet?  FINALLY he got his wish!
Hey, Matthew- what do you think of the cupcakes???

OK I know, I know......you are all wondering- when is your newest son coming home?  Hmmmm......well that is a great question!  For matters of privacy there are some and maybe a lot of things that I don't want to share with everyone.

BUT, what I can tell you is that there is paperwork to be finished.  Then there is the ICPC to complete.  An ICPC is the Interstate compact agreement- this is a paperwork process that has to happen when you adopt a child from a different state.  The state where they live now has to agree that your paperwork and clearances are in order.  Then the state where you live- where the child is moving to has to agree with that too.  Sounds silly, but it is protection so that there is not tr*fficking of children.  We did this with Joanna as well.  It can take anywhere from 1 week-3weeks, but usually around 1 1/2-2 weeks for MOST people.

This is a different kind of adoption for us because it is private.  So it is just a matter of dealing with lawyers.  So we wait for the paperwork to get started....and will have to make a judgement call about when we fly to meet him....and of course waiting for ICPC to be completed before we can come back. 

So that is pretty vague, but we know that there is always waiting in the adoption process, and it makes the meeting that much sweeter.  This is what I wrote on my facebook earlier today....and it sums up everything..... 
Waiting and praying for our addition to our family. Knowing he is GREAT AND WONDERFUL hands right now. Praying desperately for healing for those hands and for him. God knows!


  1. Looks like a wonderful family gathering!! I'm off to check out that cutie your talking about!

  2. I cannot wait for you to hear news!!!! Cause I know when you know, we will know..hahaha! Still praing for you!!! Love ya!