Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We are helping start an adoption ministry!!!!

 Ok first of course there has to be a few pictures right?  So this is the same day we put up the tree we did some sidewalk chalk.  You don't do sidewalk chalk when you put up your tree???  he he he....advantages to living down south!!!  :)  No pretty snow, but it is shorts weather and we are still running our AC at times when it gets too humid. 

Just want to point out the manger scene in the picture above..... :)
So Matthew is giving me the "tour" of what is whose etc. 
 Today- we had a meeting.  And my friend Melissa was supposed to be there....because well she has been in contact with the church about how can we start and adoption/foster ministry.  But, unfortunately her little sweet baby got sick :(  BOO!!!!  So she couldn't be there, but my hubby surprised me by being able to get off work early (and work from home afterwards) to be there instead!
 And our missions coordinator said- sounds GREAT!!!!  I think it helps that he was a foster parent for many years himself!!!!!  :)  You don't think that was an accident do you?  Nope- me either!  That my friends is the hand of God MOVING!!!!  AMEN!

*The above drawing is my hubby's :)
 So we went into the meeting.  Let's just say- since I heard about this meeting I have been PRAYING!!!!  And our household has been under some pretty severe spiritual warfare recently.  Let's not forget what we are dealing with.  An enemy who hates to see children in loving homes that teach them about Christ!!!!!!!!  HA HA HA HA - well I am not afraid of the enemy.  I have seen him before and what he does AND MY GOD IS BIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And insert sticking out of tongue and blowing here!!!!!

**yes the above is spelled wrong, but I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YES LORD, REIGN IN ME!!!!!
 So we have clearance and are ready for take off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He gave us the huge green light!!!!!! WAHOOOOOOO!!!!  PRAISE GOD!!!!!!  So as this unfolds you can be sure I will blog about it.  I want to take you along.  Who knows maybe God will be asking you to do the same some day?  :)  I pray so!
This is soooo very very very exciting to us!  We have prayed about starting an adoption ministry.  We approached our last church- and got a less than enthusiastic response.  BUT THIS TIME - we are marching forward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can not wait to see what God does!!!!!!!!

So Melissa and I have some praying to do- will you surround us with your prayers?  Thank you- always know I can count on you!!!!!!!

**Don't forget if you want to donate here is all the info on the many ways :)
1) Buy some food from our Christmas/New Year's Baking Fundraiser (for local people) email us or donate through paypal and let us know in the comments what you want OR.....
2) Buy a What is Good Tshirt from our side bar- donate and then tell what color/size you want OR,
3) Buy something from Olive Tree Promise- they have Superman was adopted Tshirts, monogrammed baby items, music, necklaces, art, and lots more!!!!!! OR.......
4) Buy something from Scentsy- there are many great smelling things to buy for yourself or as gifts!!!  This is a gift to me from Kasey Ellis who wants to help me raise funds for our next special child- THANKS KASEY ELLIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OR
5) Simply Donate or PRAY!!!  Pray for protection of our child.  Pray that they may be in great hands until we are able to meet them.  Pray that they will know they are loved.  Pray that we will be led by the Holy Spirit to know.......when the next Wright(s) come along!


  1. This is really good to hear. I will keep you in my prayers as you walk towards starting this ministry.

    Is there anything specific regarding the start of this that you would like prayers for at the moment. Keep us updated and i look foward to seeing what God is going to do through this.

  2. I can't wait to hear more about your ministry! We recently started one at our church. We had our first Orphan Sunday last month. We can't wait to see where God takes us on this journey.

  3. Missed 19 of your latest posts.... Yikes- blame it on the flu!

    What exciting news! Will be praying for you... the devil just hates adoption ministries.