Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy 8th Adoption Day Matthew!!!

 (Sorry for being a Blog Slacker.....will try to catch up again...he he he)
Happy 8th Adoption Day Matthew!!!!!!  ***His Adoption Day Anniversary is on December 22nd. 
 To our amazing little man!  He is just sooo cute I love to squeeze him :)
 When we brought him home from the hospital- he was less than 6 lbs. and a preemie.....we actually stuffed him in a stocking for a picture. 
 Hmmm..........what is this???  This is called Jason messing with Matthew's head!  he he he he :)  ****Remember the night before we were up late again baking for the fundraiser!!!!!!! 
 Happy Adoption Day!!!!  To our Captain America!!!!
 The smile in this picture says it all!  Matthew you are sooo sweet with a hint of crazy humor and we wouldn't have it any other way.  From the moment we first held you - you had our hearts and we are sooo very thankful that God decided to Bless our family with YOU!!!!!!!  LOVE YOU MATTHEW!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Happy adoption day handsome!
    Hope it is great!

  2. You guys have the BEST adoption celebrations! I love the rearranging of the cupcakes! Too funny!

  3. Happy Adoption Day to you!
    Happy birthday to me- lol!

    You had me at "Erica in Tampa"...