Sunday, December 4, 2011

How we decorate and my newest nesting project

 This is our tree........  LOVE the HUGE ornament in the middle :)
 No fireplace this year, but bookcases will do the same thing.....
 Of course we have 2 of them......guess we'll have to make room for more....for next year!!!!! 
 lighting it up....

 Oh no- they are kissing again :)
 Some more love going on here....

 Yes, this girl was born knowing how to pose so cute!!!!
 WOW- a bit up close and personal with that camera Matthew.  Oh dear now everyone will definitely see that I don't wear make up.  Sorry folks!
 Play time.....
 Dance time....
 hey, we love to dance!

 Oh dear look at this child.  He may seem a bit to himself, but look at how he plays with his little sibs! 
 He is a GREAT big brother always wanting to play!!!  He says he wants LOTS of children when he gets older- he will make a great daddy!
 Our manger scene to play with.
 And some silly kiddos in santa hats....

 Jonathan fake sleeping ;)

 Rock out!

 Joanna dancing with her tree limb

 Andrew telling everyone what branch "color" is next.  Hmmm.......the leader and soo much like someone I know???
 Oh he cute or what???  Just thinking that in a couple of days - 3 years ago we passed court!!!  And the day after Christmas we flew over to get our baby boy (who was 18 mo old at the time).  So thankful for our late Christmas present!!!!  (***this was before they required 2 trips)
 Cheese- do you think she has her picture taken often???
 OK for my latest nesting project.  I cleaned out the garage!  Why?  Because eventually I want to completely redo this garage into a huge open play area!!!  :)  So why not start at least using it for a fun indoor area the kids can run around in to wear off some energy!!!! 
 I can see it now.  Our 2 sets of stackable washer/dryer sets (I can dream right?), cupboards along that wall with tools along the top and toys down where they kids can reach, tiling, possibly getting rid of the garage door and putting in a wall with a bay window?  outdoor/indoor toys to play with especially for those rainy days when you can't go outside!  :) 
 Oh and here is our professional peeler!!!
OH YEAH!!!  WE LOVE TURKEY so why would we only want it on Thanksgiving?  I bought 4!!  Hey it was cheap and WONDERFUL!!!!!!

Join me in prayer for a little boy who has a family, but needs a foster family while his family gets the clearances back!!!  THANKS &.......

Still thinking and praying for this little guy!!!!!  Please join me in prayer and petition for him to find his family!!!!!!!  :)

Male, DOB: April 16, 2008
Also known as Simon, Sewmehon is estimated to be three years old. He has been reported to be a smiley little boy with a sweet personality and was admitted into the orphanage in October 2009. His birth mother has disappeared and his birth father is unknown.  
Given the complexity of this little boy’s medical and developmental considerations, he has spent most of his time lying in his crib. He interacts with people and other children living in the orphanage although his movement is extremely limited. He is able to utter sounds and cries but is not able to say meaningful words.
Sewmehon is reported to have global developmental delays, spastic cerebral palsy, and possible encephalomalacia. A CT scan of Sewmehon’s brain revealed a large porencephatic cyst on the left side of his brain from possible encephalomalacia. The doctor has reported that these health issues have most likely been present since Sewmehon’s early infancy and that he would greatly benefit from an evaluation by a neurosurgeon. 
Even with his needs our staff have shared that Sewmehon has so much joy in his soul and his eyes. It is believed by the doctor that Sewmehon has potential for improvement given adequate medical care and stimulation. We believe a special family out there is able to meet these needs and help Sewmehon to thrive and have life to the fullest.
***If you feel this is your son or just want to learn more PLEASE contact  or go directly to and fill out a free pre application!  PLEASE SPREAD the word and help find his family.  He needs them!!


  1. Sweet post! Your family is so beautiful. Hugs.

  2. Hi Dawn
    You have just the most beautiful smile!!
    Looks like you guys had loads of fun with your decorating. We haven't done ours yet ~ we're running late this year ~ I think we'll plan on an early tea tonight & then do it as we finally have a free night :)
    I love your big indoor play area idea ~ look forward to seeing it come about! You did so well with your cleaning out ~ that's a huge job!
    Have a wonderful week my friend

  3. I love how you decorated! This is the first year we have a fireplace and mantle and until this year we used bookshelves and our tv armoire!