Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Meet The Need Christmas Party

 OK for you crafters out there......this is a cute idea!! 
 Here are the kiddos starting their white elephant gift exchange.....
 Playing outside- it was gorgeous Sunday afternoon
 Put them up Bat Girl this is Darth Vador!
 Employees and their families hanging out.....
 Waiting for the all crazy gifts to be opened. 
 Awww....Joanna actually going up to someone- (Jason's boss' wife) this is rare for her.  Awww.....
 She seriously really took to her.  It was so sweet to see. 
 Kids wanted to know what the boring adults were doing.
 Tanya explaining "white elephant" gift exchange rules for those who haven't done it. 
 Ok everybody's got it and now we start. 
 Joanna needed to see her face in the picture on the camera :)  CHEESE!
 Joanna offering her careful help in opening the present. 
 Showing off the gifts.
 Oohhhhh what cheesy gifts...
 an office gift set.....- this gift was stolen...
 there was fun and laughter....
 And Jason's boss opened up his present- what is this....not an American flag.....
 Oh Jim that just looks lovely on you.  Our kiddos had to help him put it on, awww there you go that looks great on you!
Oh and one cheezey wallet from the 80's is sooo nice!!  Great present for her boys.

Soooo...it's been a bit quiet......quiet because we are looking over different situations, praying, putting up quick profiles (but Tracie has our real one done now).  Making contacts, praying some more.....staying up until 3am making goodies for our bake sale- fundraiser.  Thinking this will be worth every ounce of sweat for our sweet child out there somewhere.

Please continue to pray with us!!!!  It is sooo hard putting your heart out there several times and each time wondering is this the one God?  And then being told no, or ignored all together, or ........still waiting.........

I know a lot of you know what I am talking about.  Appreciate your prayers as we journey to our next child!


  1. Great pics......
    I know the wait is hard.
    Praying for you.(and little one to be)

  2. Love the pics of the party. Thanks for sharing. Amazing blog too - wow!

  3. Know just how you feel! We're on the same journey and it's a roller coaster ride of emotions! The ride will be SO worth it in the end though :)

  4. I was just thinking- you could get a call tomorrow (or incredibly soon!). OH MY!!!!! Praying for your family!